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The Guide: How to start your own art collection

Read Patrick van der Vorst's top tips to investing in art

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Looking to start your own art collection? Here, Auctionata | Paddle8’s UK CEO Patrick van der Vorst gives us his top three tips for creating your first collection.

This week, Auctionata | Paddle8 launches The Paddle8 Pad, live from its London townhouse. The curated auction concept features livestream auctions across categories tailored to the modern art collector, hosted in central London.

The Paddle8Pad

The Paddle8Pad , photographed by Robert Fairer

Through video-based storytelling the Paddle8 Pad will bring to live the most covetable collectibles in an online shopping experience that bidders can access anywhere. Sales start tomorrow, 29 November and run until 5 December.

Starting your art collection

Thinking of starting your own art collection? Read Patrick’s top three tips before investing.


Starting your art collection shouldn’t be like trading stocks and shares or you won’t develop a true feel for the material. Of course often buying art is an investment; however it’s extremely difficult to foresee pricing patterns in the art world long term. Therefore, it’s better to buy into art that you truly love so that you avoid disappointment in the future. Perfect for first time collectors, on Tuesday, 29th November at 8pm Auctionata | Paddle8 will be holding the first of our ‘The P8 Pad: Start Collecting (Part 1)’ two-part series which will feature paintings, works on paper, prints, photography, and sculpture by artists such as Marcel Dzama and Jannis Kounellis where you’re sure to unearth something that you’ll love forever.


Too many people jump straight into buying. If you seriously want to start a collection you need to train your eye, decide what you want to collect and then do your homework. Only then should you step into the market. The best resources for this are books, newspaper articles, journals and periodicals. You can also attend talks or even take a course, but you should definitely talk to experts whether they are dealers, specialists at auction houses or galleries or experienced art advisors.


Finally, don’t be intimidated or afraid to enter the art world. Understand your budget and be sure to communicate this directly to any galleries or dealers you work with. Also, just cut through any verbal posturing and jargon – if you don’t understand something, simply ask. Easier still, Auctionata | Paddle8 will be hosting a series of live, video-based auctions at “The Paddle8 Pad” through November and December including the ‘The P8 Pad: Start Collecting (Part 2)’ on Saturday, Dec 3, 2016 at 3 pm which will be auctioning an impeccable selection of paintings, works on paper, prints, photography, and collectibles from contemporary artists such as Gormley and Murakami  at accessible prices.


For more information about the Paddle8 Pad project, email [email protected], or call +49 (0)30 9832 0222.

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