Where to Spot Street Art in London

Explore the city's array of outdoor urban artworks

As one of the most diverse and creative cities in the world, it’s no wonder that the London street art scene is buzzing. From an original Banksy in Mayfair to magnificent murals spanning the South Bank and Shoreditch, you’ll find you’re never too far from a compelling piece of work. Looking to find some street art near you? Here is our round up of the best spots to discover.

Where to Spot Street Art in London


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David Bowie, Jimmy C

The poignant Bowie mural in Brixton, created in tribute by James Cochran (AKA Jimmy. C).

Photo: Courtesy of the artist, Jimmy. C

Street Art East Dulwich

This magnificent mural by L.A.-based artist Mear One sits above The Lordship Pub on Pellatt Road, East Dulwich.

Photo: artist Mear One, photograph Rebecca Cox

Banksy at the Barbican

An ingenious Banksy creation adoring the walls of a tunnel near The Barbican.

Photo: artist Banksy, photograph Alex Bloom-Davis

Conor Harrington, East Dulwich

An intriguing mural of two men boxing in East Dulwich, by Irish street artist Conor Harrington.

Photo: artist Conor Harrington, photograph Rebecca Cox


Big Mother, London 2016

Big Mother mural by STIK, covering a wall of the Charles Hocking Estate in Acton. STIK wrote on his website: ‘A mother and child look forlornly from their condemned council building across the expanse of private luxury apartments being built around them.’

Photo: Courtesy of the artist, STIK

Thierry Noir at Browns East

A vibrant Thierry Noir work at Browns East. The French artist is most famed for his inspiring painting of the Berlin Wall and playful murals spanning L.A., Sydney, Shoreditch and beyond.

Photo: artist Thierry Noir. Courtesy of Street Art London Tours

Portrait of Mick, Brick Lane

Another spectacular Jimmy. CPortrait of Mick in Brick Lane, inspired by a fascinating and kind man he met on the iconic East End street.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist, Jimmy. C

Shepard Fairey

A Shepard Fairey ‘Obey’ masterpiece located on Hanbury Street, Shoreditch.

Photo: artist Shepard Fairey, photograph Dave Stuart. Courtesy of Shoreditch Street Art Tours.

Shepard Fairey

Another striking Shepard Fairey artwork covering two walls on the corner of Whitby Street in Shoreditch.

Photo: artist Shepard Fairey, photograph Dave Stuart. Courtesy of Shoreditch Street Art Tours.

Ben Eine

Ben Eine’s SCARY, stretching the wall of a tunnel on Rivington Street, is remarkably Shoreditch’s oldest painted wall mural.

Photo: artist Ben Eine, photograph Dave Stuart. Courtesy of Shoreditch Street Art Tours.

Jane Mutiny

Jane Mutiny’s striking mural stands in support of Extinction Rebellion, depicting an array of endangered species and the environmental movement’s iconic emblem.

Photo: artist Jane Mutiny, photograph Dave Stuart. Courtesy of Shoreditch Street Art Tours.
Banksy Mayfair

A discretely situated Banksy spotted on the side of a grey building on Mayfair’s Brunton Lane.

Photo: artist Banksy, photograph Megan Jones

William Shakespeare Mural

Jimmy. C’s renowned William Shakespeare Mural artistically transformed a railway arch on Clink Street in Soho Wharf and is in fact just a short walk away from the Globe Theatre.

Photo: artist Jimmy. C, photograph Megan Jones

Leake Street

Leake Street tunnel is a haven for both the street art enthusiast and artist alike, with barely a brick that hasn’t been coated in colour. Take a stroll below the rails of Waterloo station and indulge in all the artworks; you might even catch some street artists in action.

Photo: Megan Jones

David Attenborough mural

Australian artist Jerome Davenport’s spectacular mural of David Attenborough emphasizes the importance of protecting our environment. The artist wrote on Instagram: ‘We have a lot of work ahead of us but as an informed generation we can work together to make a difference before it’s not too late.’

Photo: artist Jerome Davenport, photograph Megan Jones


You can spot this beautiful monochrome bird mural by Belgian street artist ROA, renowned for his magnificent paintings of natural and urban wildlife, located on Shoreditch’s Hanbury Street.

Photo: artist ROA, photograph Megan Jones

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