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Take The Grand Tour of These Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Art Galleries

London doesn't get to have all the gallery fun.

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At Country & Town House, we’re about having it all. One of our favourite ‘best of both worlds’ paradigms is the culture of a bustling capital city…without the bustle. Enter The Grand Tour: a cracking round up of exhibitions in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. Culture vultures can hit this out-of-London art scene in one, fell swoop (or an enjoyable weekend), hopping from Chatsworth to Derby Museum, to The Harley Gallery and Nottingham Contemporary.

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Take The Grand Tour of These Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Art Galleries

Her Grace Land – Chatsworth

‘Her Grace Land’ (24 March – 21 October 2018) features a series of interventions created by Linder during her time as artist in residence at Chatsworth. Linder draws inspiration from the house itself and its surroundings, using Chatsworth as a kind of ‘sensorium’. Linder has immersed herself in the life of the stately home and its 500-year history, producing a series of works to be experienced through a variety of senses. Linder created incense from the aromatic plants on the estate, recorded oral stories and used the everyday sounds of the house and estate for new musical compositions alongside new photomontages.

The Interior of Bennett and Sayers Foundry (detail), Arthur Dilkes, c. 1965, photography Sam Kirby

The Art of Industry – Derby Museum and Art Gallery

Derby Museum and Art Gallery’s exhibition ‘The Art of Industry: From Joseph Wright to the 21st Century’ (24 March – 17 June 2018) looks back at the region’s industrial history and manufacturing landscape through both historic artefacts and contemporary artistic interpretation. The display is organised in three different sections: ‘Industrial Landscapes’ showcases the transformation of the Industrial landscape from Romantic glorified scenes to the Victorian portrayal of a place of hardship and includes some of L. S. Lowry’s most prominent paintings. ‘People at Work – the Factory Floor’ features major loans from the Tate including a lithograph from Christopher R. W. Nevinson and  photographs from the likes of Maurice Broomfield. ‘Workshop’ displays objects from Derbyshire’s rich industrial past – tools, machines, as well as examples of associated manufacturing products, marketing and graphic materials. The Art of Industry’ shows the evolving relationship that artists have had with the manufacturing heritage of the Midlands.

Half in Shadow: Half in Light – The Harley Gallery

In The Harley Gallery’s exhibition, ‘Half in Shadow: Half in Light’ (24 March – 17 June 2018), British artist Clare Twomey explores life on the historic Welbeck Estate through a series of lithophanes. Twomey reinvents the traditional technique of the lithophane with ten portraits of people who live and work on the Welbeck Estate. The artist represents contemporary life on the grounds as well as sheds light on the estate’s repurposed buildings like the Dairy and Brewery. Her depictions of people in their working environment allows new stories to take centre stage.

The House of Fame – Nottingham Contemporary

‘The House of Fame’ at Nottingham Contemporary (24 March – 24 June 2018) is an exhibition convened by British Linder, informed by her time as artist in residence at Chatsworth. At the heart of the presentation is a retrospective of Linder’s work, spanning more than 40 years of photomontage, graphics, costume and performance works. The retrospective is accompanied by a constellation of Linder’s artistic influences, from the worlds of art and architecture, fashion and theatre, music and design. Stretching from the early 17th century to today, ‘The House of Fame’ hosts 200 works – drawings, sculptures, furniture, jewellery, photographs, banners – by dozens of artists selected by Linder.

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Extra Stops Along the Way?

Alongside the four leading venues of 2018’s The Grand Tour, a fringe programme of eight exhibitions and events will celebrate the tradition of The Grand Tour.

The fringe programme features: ‘Lace Unveiled’ (10 March – 22 April) at Nottingham City Museums and Galleries; ‘The Penny Podcasts’ produced by Syson Gallery investigating the provision of free access to education (March – May); and ‘Scaling the Sublime: Art at the Limits of Landscape’ at Djanogly Gallery (23 March – 17 June). Other projects include workshops, installations and a culinary experiences. See The Grand Tour for more information on fringe events.

Visit Peak District and Darbyshire and Visit Nottinghamshire have launched The Grand Tour in partnership with the galleries and their websites are sure to have a host of other suggestions for what to do when in town.

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