What To Expect From The Great Canadian Pottery Throw Down

By Charlie Colville

4 months ago

The clay-by-clay on Canada's new favourite show

It seems our friends across the pond can’t get enough of our competition shows. The latest to make a splash involves clay, sponges and a rotating wheel – we can only be talking about The Great Canadian Pottery Throw Down, of course. Here’s everything you need to know about the show, including where and when it will be streaming.

The Great Canadian Pottery Throw Down Series 1

The hosts and judges of the Great Canadian Pottery Throw Down

(c) CBC

When Did The Great Pottery Throw Down Start?

The first ever series of The Great Canadian Pottery Throw Down started on Thursday 8 February 2024 on CBC and CBC Gem. Episodes are scheduled to air every week on Thursdays, until the winner is revealed in the finale on 11 April 2024.

Release Schedule

The Great Canadian Pottery Throw Down airs on Thursday nights on CBC and CBC Gem.

  • Episode 1: 8 February
  • Episode 2: 15 February
  • Episode 3: 22 February
  • Episode 4: 29February
  • Episode 5: 7 March
  • Episode 6: 14 March
  • Episode 7: 21 March
  • Episode 8: 28 March
  • Episode 9: 4 April
  • Episode 10: 11 April

What Will Happen In The Great Canadian Pottery Throw Down?

Taking its cues from the British (and original) show, The Great Pottery Throw Down, the Canadian iteration invites 10 talented potters to take part in challenges that test their skill and technique – with contestants eliminated each episode until one comes out on top.

Each episode is comprised of two challenges, the Main Make and either a Throw Down or Spot Test. The Main Make asks potters to create a signature piece of pottery that follows a special theme or brief, as well as several key stages that include building, drying, refining, glazing and firing; this series’ Main Make challenges include a hometown tribute, a chess set, a self-sculpture, a table lamp, a raku drink set, a nine-course dinner set, an indoor water fountain and a tea set.

Meanwhile, the Throw Down is a race against time and the Spot Test a check on specific skills and techniques. Challenges we can expect to see this season include trimming bowls, throwing blindfolded, carving an urn, throwing tulip cups off the hump and pulling handles.

Both challenges will be critiqued by the show’s resident judges, as well as the occasional guest judge. Each episode, one potter will be selected to leave the competition, while another will be named Potter of the Week and have their piece displayed in the Throw Down Gallery.

Jennifer Robertson and Seth Rogen

(c) CBC


What Will Seth Rogen Do On The Show?

If you thought you spotted a familiar face, that’s because you did. Hollywood actor and fellow clay enthusiast Seth Rogen is one of the executive producers of The Great Canadian Pottery Throw Down with his company Point Grey Pictures, and will also be making an appearance on the show as a guest judge. He’ll also be featured in pre-taped segments where he’ll share his love of pottery.

‘Point Grey and I are excited to be part of a fresh series that enables artists to tap into their craftsmanship and express themselves through pottery,’ Rogen said. ‘As a fellow Vancouver native and potter myself, I am looking forward to seeing incredibly talented artists show their skills this season.’

Who Is The Host?

Hosting the show, meanwhile, will be Schitt’s Creek star Jennifer Robertson. Speaking on her involvement, Robertson said: ‘Shooting this heartfelt reality series in my hometown, along with Seth in his hometown, made the whole experience extra special. I was in total awe every week over what our potters could create in such a short amount of time. I’m beyond thrilled to be working with Frantic Films and Seth Rogen on The Great Canadian Pottery Throw Down and it was a joy to be a part of!’

Who Are The Judges?

Just like in the UK, judging will be done by some of the industry’s experts – namely, award-winning artist and ceramics instructor Brendan Tang and renowned ceramicist and educator Natalie Waddell. Some of the guest judges set to make an appearance include world renowned ceramicist Adam Field from Helena, MT, demonstrating the art of incising in a carving challenge, and Chef Mike Robbins from Vancouver’s Michelin star restaurant AnnaLena, who creates a nine-course tasting menu for a dinnerware challenge.

The only question we have is: will they cry at the sight of clay like UK judge Keith Brymer Jones?

Brendan Tang and Natalie Waddell

(c) CBC

Who Are The Contestants?

There are 10 contestants on The Great Canadian Pottery Throw Down, all of whom come from various parts of Canada. They are:

  • Kiefer Floreal
  • Alice Gibson
  • Thomas Haskell
  • Susan Johnston
  • Renu Mathew
  • Andrew McCullough
  • Jen Sonnenberg
  • Jackie Talmey-Lennon
  • Elsa Valinas
  • Michael Wood

Where Is It Filmed?

The Great Canadian Pottery Throw Down was filmed in an old ceramic studio at the former Emily Carr School of Art & Design on Granville Island, Vancouver.

Is There A Trailer?

Yes, and you can watch it below:

How To Watch The Great Canadian Pottery Throw Down

Unfortunately, The Great Canadian Pottery Throw Down is currently only available to stream in Canada via CBC and CBC Gem – but we’re hopeful it will make its way to the US and UK soon. gem.cbc.ca

Images courtesy of CBC