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How to Get Involved in Earth Hour 2019

Here's how you can play your part in the world's largest lights-out movement...

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Earth Hour

What is it?

Earth Hour is the world’s largest grassroots light-out movement with the mission of bringing attention to, supporting action on, and looking at our own personal roles in, climate change. Across the world, millions will participate in turning off their lights as households go dark and cities are plunged into blackness with iconic landmarks pulling the plug. In the absence of electricity, conversation is sparked and perspectives are changed, planting the seeds for longterm action beyond just these sixty minutes.

When is it?

Saturday 30 March, 8.30 – 9:30pm UK time. A live countdown is displayed on

How can I participate?

1. Switch off

The easiest and most obvious way to partake in Earth Hour is to simply switch off! Turn off the power, power down your phones. Without distractions, discussion is sparked and never-before-had conversations take place about conservation, energy and our earth.

2. Book a candlelight dinner

Eco-friendly and utterly romantic, we don’t need another excuse to book a fancy dinner – but Fiume in Battersea and Blueprint Cafe in Shad Thames are giving us two. To honour Earth Hour, the two riverside restaurants will be switching off the lights and serving a delectable three-course dinner by twinkling candlelight alone. You can feel good knowing 10% of ticket sales from both restaurants will be donated to World Wildlife Fund. Alternatively, No. 29 at Battersea Power Station (recently awarded ‘Best Sustainable Pub Company’) will also be turning the lights off for Earth Hour, as well as serving a sustainable menu to commemorate the evening of eco-awareness. Tickets available for purchase via (£50pp) and (£29.50pp) and bookings for No.29 can be made at

3. Black Out Dinner

To take things one step further, why not book a dinner at Dans le Noir? The immersive experience plunges diners in complete darkness while visually impaired staff serve your dishes. The sensory journey will challenge your preconceptions and heighten all your other senses. Bookings can be made via

3. Lights Out at Carnaby Street

An area best known for its bright bulbs and lit-up decorations, Carnaby Street will look completely different once its plunged into darkness in honour of Earth Hour. For the second year running, light installations including the iconic Carnaby bulbs, the plug on Ganton Street and the Julian Opie street art piece ‘Shaida Walking’ will be shut off to show support for the global movement. The Carnaby arch has also been taken over with a tribute to the global movement, featuring wildlife on either side (and no lights). Carnaby tenants like Dr. Martens’ and Pittabun will be taking part also. Plus, the Jeweller’s Joy Everly will be offering an exclusive promotion on their panda charms.

4. A Night at the (Candlelit) Theatre

If you want to take part but don’t feel like sitting at home sans television or computers for an hour, take in some entertainment without breaking your pledge at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse. Candle-lit, timber-framed, and pit-seated, this recreation of a 17th century Jacobean theatre is a magical (and eco-friendly) addition to Shakespeare’s Globe. Edward II, Richard II, and After Edward are all showing up till Earth Day. More information and bookings via

5. In-the-Dark Sight-Seeing

Make your way to a high-point in the city (Sushi Samba’s bar or the Shard would be perfect) or take a stroll around the city just before the hour strikes and watch as London’s iconic monuments black out. The Gherkin, Harrods, The Ritz, The London Eye, the billboards of Piccadilly Circus are all switching off their lights for Earth Hour. Unrecognisable in the dark, London takes on a whole different… light.

6. A Rare Spot of Star Gazing

As well as drawing attention to our ecological footprint, Earth Hour is also a rare occasion where the bright lights of London are turned down and the possibility of star gazing is on the horizon. Pack a picnic and torch before heading to nature in Hampstead Heath or Alexandra Palace for a meal under the stars.

7. Dancing in the Dark

Taking the club outside its damp confines and into London’s green spaces, Secret Sunrise is celebrating Earth Hour with a boogie-cum-fitness-class-cum-yoga-sesion on the Southbank. Dancers will be given wireless headphones for a silent disco experience which will begin at 7.45pm and end at 9.00pm. Buy a ticket and join some 50,000 people across 10 cities in a worldwide dance to celebrate the earth. 25% of each ticket sold will be donated to WWF. 30 March, tickets available for purchase via


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