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Wedding Tips from Rock My Wedding’s Charlotte O’Shea

The founder of Rock My Wedding, gives us her top tips for the perfect nuptials

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Planning your wedding? Congratulations! To tie in with this month’s special, we’ve called upon the expertise of Rock My Wedding’s Charlotte O’Shea to give you some top wedding tips to make sure the big day goes with a bang. From how much champagne to stock, to the tiny detail every bride needs, follow Charlotte’s steps to success…

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Rock My Wedding Wedding Tips

The three things that make a great wedding?

  1. Your friends, family and loved ones
  2. A well planned day
  3. A great party with entertainment, food, drink and decor that the couple genuinely love and that represents their individual tastes

What makes the day memorable for your guests?

Making your guests feel special and an integral part of your big day will make it memorable for them, but above all else the most memorable weddings are those where the personality of the couple really shines through. From the table décor to the choice of music, the little touches that make it feel truly unique make a big difference. Beyond the ceremony most people remember the food, the drink and the entertainment; so these are good places to really play with putting your personal stamp on the Big Day. Moet & Chandon offer personalised mini’s which add a little fun to the day, and that Instagram moment!

What makes the day memorable for you?

Every wedding is different and unique to each couple, but having your nearest and dearest present for a day filled with love and of course the marking of the first day of the rest of your lives together is what really makes the day special. By getting the fundamentals locked down for the day, i.e. the ceremony, champagne, food and entertainment, you can leave everything else to take its course and enjoy yourself. It will be those spontaneous moments with those who are most special to you, that will make this one of the most memorable days of your life.

The tiny detail you shouldn’t forget?

Don’t forget to take some time for yourselves. The day will fly by so make sure you take a few moments to truly take in every little detail and enjoy it. You’ve invested so much time in planning your day to perfection that you need to now leave logistics to the experts; really relax and enjoy yourself, get involved and share the day with your loved ones. Jump in the photo booth, own the dancefloor, savour every sip of champagne and taste of your wedding meal. A good tip is to write down all your memories from your wedding the day after so that you can look back and remember every little detail in years to come.

How important is the inclusion of champagne in a wedding?

We always recommend that couples choose food and drink that they genuinely love and want to share and enjoy with their guests. Champagne is a timeless and elegant choice and a real treat for family and friends that have come to witness your special day – and is always associated with the ultimate celebration.

At what points, traditionally, is champagne consumed?

Champagne is traditionally consumed as part of the toast but can also be enjoyed with canapés after the marriage ceremony. We are witnessing a significant increase in popularity of the champagne tower which couples are choosing as a replacement to the traditional cake cutting – the pouring of the champagne makes for a truly glamorous scene and thus creates the perfect photo opportunity. Moët & Chandon offer a bespoke champagne tower for weddings which is the epitome of luxury.

How champagne should you allow per person?

The ideal serve for all occasions is to fill the glass two-thirds full of champagne – enough to enjoy, with limited chance of spillage! For the purpose of a wedding toast, where guests may also be drinking wine, spirits or other beverages, here it can also be customary to have a glass half full.

Charlotte of Rock My Wedding has been working with Moet & Chandon as it launches its new ‘Bridal Collection by Moet’; a range of bespoke packages that offer complimentary gifts for your big day from personalised minis, champagne towers to a Moet photo booth, all when ordering selected amounts of Moet for your wedding.