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The Women of Colour Who are Redefining Wellbeing

Have you met gal-dem, Gyal Flex and Sex + Zine?

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Events collective SuperCulture couldn’t have made a better guest list if they tried…

Classes, workshops, panels and all-around life-changing experiences for women will take place throughout February and March to address matters of the mind, body and soul.



The Women of Colour Who are Redefining Wellbeing

Mind by gal-dem

This online and print magazine is a reservoir of bright voices owing to the 70 women and non-binary people of colour who share stories stitched with advice and essays brimming with insight. Join these wave-makers at their Self-Care Sundays at The Book Club. The first of these events will be held on 25 February and will include a mental health discussion with Dawn Estefan from the Maya Centre as well as a WOC+NBPOC self-defence class from gal-dem autho, Coral Richards. Bookable here.

Lookout for future gal-dem events such as their Queen of Hoxton takeover on 11 March to celebrate International Woman’s Day with talks, documentary screenings and gal-dem market curated by business women of colour, all to raise funds for UK refugee women.

Body by Gyal Flex

The idea of ‘New Year, New You’ gets a resounding ‘Oh hell nah’ from Gyal Flex. Their Hip Hop Yoga classes at Hoxton Square Bar and The Book Club want to work with what you already got, thank you very much. You’ve never taken a yoga or meditation class so charged with intention to ‘live life just like Aunty Jill Scott preached, “Living my life like it’s golden”. Book here for Hip Hop Yoga classes throughout February and March as well as upcoming RnB and UK Garage yoga and meditation classes.

100 Years of Suffrage: What it Means to be a Woman in 2018

Soul by Sex + Zine

As part of Sex + Zine’s effort to replace misinformation, shame and judgement with sex positive vibes, they’ll be breaching ‘The Orgasm Gap’ with a fun panel talk at The Book Club on 13 February, bookable here.

According to a study conducted last year by Durex almost 75% of women in the Netherlands do not orgasm during sex, whereas only 28% of men say they don’t always climax during sex. This so-called “orgasm inequality” is a real phenomenon, which is affecting intimacy, relationships and the wellbeing of women worldwide. Our panel experts will be sharing their knowledge and offering practical solutions to narrow the gap and bring more pleasure to all. -Sex + Zine

There’s more where that came from, so keep an eye on Shoreditch based Mothership Group, SuperCulture, while they carry out their mission to help women look after themselves.

Instagram: @superculture_
Facebook: @superculturelondon

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