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The best new potato recipes, from fudge to frittata

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The British potato is more versatile than ever. Look at our pick of the ten best potato recipes, from a giant rösti to mashed potato fudge…

Mashed Potato Fudge Saveur

Mashed Potato Fudge – Saveur

Smashed, crushed or boiled, there are many ways to serve these starchy little numbers.

Some say new potatoes are boring, bland even. But in season, their flavour is a delight, and we praise their versatility. So let us expand your horizons with a few off-the-grid recipes (and a few old classics, too) to inspire you to use your batch in new and exciting ways. Even puddings.

1. Potato salad

A classic at any picnic, the potato salad is a must. And even if you’re less than inspired by the dish, you can’t deny there’s no better way to use up extra new potatoes. Simple, with mayonnaise, a radish or two and plenty of salt and pepper, we feel is the best route with this. And a sprinkling of chives and spring onion elevates the humble salad to new heights.

2. Frittata

Sometimes we like to embrace our Spanish side. Frittata, with all its eggy goodness, is marvellous with chorizo, new potatoes, and a handful of cheese. Another great way to use up new potatoes – because, let’s face it, you always cook too many the night before.

3. Spanish traybake supper à la Nigella Lawson

For the ultimate lazy supper, pop some new potatoes, garlic, red onion and whatever else you fancy in the oven and 30-40 minutes later you have something sublime. Make sure you use plenty of olive oil – and go chicken if you’re feeling meaty. Classic, simple flavours made better when mopped with a new potato or two.

4. Crushed new potatoes with ladles of melted butter

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The more butter, the better. This side dish goes perfectly with either some salmon or lamb chops. Try it out one evening for a change from regular mashed potatoes – cook your new potatoes well, until they’re fluffy and soft, and mash them up with butter, salt, pepper, and whatever else you feel like. Two easy go-to options are butter and dill with salmon, mint and peas with lamb.

5. Fried new potatoes with rosemary, garlic and salsa verde

Simple, crispy and delicious, potatoes lend themselves to being fried, as we’re sure you know. Just part-boil and then pop them all in a heavy bottomed iron cast pan, and wait for them to turn all golden and fragrant. See above, with the dish simply done with garlic, red onions, and rosemary. Lots of salt for this one.

6. Minted new potatoes

Bit of an old school favourite, the minted new potato is perfect as a summer side dish. Just boil and season, and add ricotta and cucumber for some light summery vibes.

7. Hassleback potatoes

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Crispy, salty and pretty, the hassleback potato is pretty popular on Instagram. Try serving them to your kids or friends for something a little more impressive. Just cut into your potatoes (put them in the curve of a wooden spoon to avoid slicing all the way through), season and add plenty of olive oil and butter, and roast at gas mark seven until they sizzle and crisp up. Again, Nigella’s got a good recipe.

8. Mini baked potatoes

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Delia Smith serves her mini salt crusted baked new potatoes with a cold chive hollandaise. They’re little nuggets of loveliness, and a little something other than baked beans or tuna mayo…

9. New Potato rösti

What’s better than rösti? Even if you can’t manage to make it to the Alps, bring this classic Swiss dish to your kitchen. Perfect for breakfast or brunch with a fried egg, some bacon and maybe a little bit of cheese. Because new potatoes are on the waxy side, they are perfect for rösti dishes, so be experimental with flavours, such as smoked salmon and gorgonzola, or maybe even a bit of caviar if you are that way inclined…

10. Mash potato fudge

Yes, you read that correctly – mashed potato in fudge. Saveur has the recipe, and it’s pretty interesting. The mash adds an unexpected creaminess to the fudge, and plenty of texture and substance. Whilst you’re at it though, check out some other unexpected baked goods you can make with leftover mash – like cake, or truffles. Try them if you are feeling thrifty with your leftovers, or particularly brave…

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