Non-Alcoholic Spirits To Try Now

By Rebecca Cox

1 month ago

Cutting down on your units just got easier

For years, going sober or cutting down on your drinking meant soda and lime or a warm orange juice as the alternative. But thanks to the explosion of non-alcoholic spirits and low-ABV drinks options on the market, sober life has never been more appealing. Whether you’re hunting for the best rum replacement or looking for a non-alcoholic gin to bring your tonic water to life, look no further…

Tips for non-alcoholic spirits

Remember that non-alcoholic and low-ABV spirits have a shorter shelf life than traditional spirits because, well, they don’t contain alcohol. So, in general, you should consume the spirit within two to three months of opening the bottle. Just as with your favourite gin or whiskey, the wrong mixer can completely ruin your mixed drink, so opt for a fine tonic water or how about mixing up some alcohol-free cocktails for your next dinner party?

Best Non-Alcoholic Spirits and Low ABV Drinks 2024

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