Crisp Pizza W6: What’s The Story?
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Crisp Pizza W6: What’s The Story?

Is this the best pizza in London?

Everyone’s talking about Crisp Pizza W6, the hard-to-get-your-paws-on, crispy base, slightly-burned-looking pizza taking over Hammersmith. But what’s the hype all about?

Crisp Pizza W6: What’s The Story?


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It’s a thin and crispy pizza, you eat it down by the river, and it’s pretty hard to get your hands on: the perfect recipe for a hype restaurant? This seems to be the secret behind the simply named Crisp Pizza W6, London’s latest honeypot eatery tucked away in The Chancellors pub in Hammersmith. It is helmed by Carl McCuskey, an entrepreneur who is not a chef nor a baker, but has experimented with different levels of flour and water to obtain the crispiest crust combination. He first launched Crisp Pizza W6 in 2020, taking over his grandma’s pub and refreshing it with some bubbly experimental pizza that visitors could grab and go (those were the lockdown days). Neatly, the name derives from McCuskey’s thin base, but also The Chancellors’ location on Crisp Street.

What’s The Hype?

Have you seen Crisp Pizza W6 on TikTok? How about Instagram? Social media is where most of this pizza parlour’s organic promotion is being generated.

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It’s the latest in a slew of destinations hyped (or overhyped) by social profiles amping up different London ‘experiences’. Think the likes of St Dunstan’s in the East, Circolo Popolare, Gods Own Junk Yard, Winter Wonderland and even Salt Bae – Instagrammable destinations we’re desperate to see (and taste) for ourselves, only to realise on arrival that the Reels made it seem a lot nicer than reality.

But Crisp Pizza W6 seems to be one of the (over)hyped spots living up to people’s expectations. Other than the punters inevitably turned away because too many pizza lovers have showed up that day, McCuskey’s reviews are overwhelmingly positive. The Infatuation’s Rianne Shlebak declares ‘These are the best thin-crust, New York-style pizzas in London,’ while one TripAdvisor reviewer writes, ‘The hype is well deserved’, and another calls McCuskey’s pizza ‘Easily the best pizza in the UK right now’.

The Evening Standard’s Jimi Famurewa calls McCuskey’s pizza approach ‘fresh, distinctive and utterly undeniable’. But on those declarations that this is the best pizza in London, Famurewa says: ‘The fact that McCluskey’s slices may not instantly supersede all the other half-remembered London pizzas you have eaten – and they didn’t quite, for me – does not make them any less exceptional, rare or worth crossing town for.’ In short: the pizza is good, but if you’re not a fan of thin crust – or, perhaps, Hammersmith – this isn’t the spot for you.

Get It

Crisp Pizza W6 operates on a pre-order and walk in basis. Follow @CrispPizzaW6 on Instagram to stay up to date with bookings, or rock up and try your luck at the following opening times:

  • Wednesday and Thursday, 5.30–9.30pm
  • Friday to Sunday, 1–9pm