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10 exciting egg recipes from Instagram

They're all quite egg-cellent.

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Eggs – when all else fails, they’re always there, our go-to, nourishing meal, as versatile an ingredient as any other. Whether you prefer your eggs scrambled, poached, or wrapped, we have them all…

Breakfast (and jealousy) in bed 🐾

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Every Sunday night, my grandparents routinely sit down to a poached egg or two as a light supper.

This tradition has become ingrained in the whole family. We all like to do it these days. But the meal is not simply restricted to poaching –  there’s a whole spectrum of egg recipes out there. We like variety.

Trusty little eggs are always on standby as a quick easy meal, and many people in the UK still kick-off their days with a dish of some variety. Perhaps an omelette? Maybe even eggs Benedict, time allowing.

However you take them, we’re celebrating all of the different egg recipes we love.

1. Egg Wrap

A newcomer on the egg scene, this thin wrap from The Detox Kitchen makes a nice change from the run of the mill omelette or, heaven forbid, an actual carbohydrate wrap!

2. Scrambled eggs

According to Raymond Blanc, the best scrambled eggs ever are those of Peter Weeden, formerly of Newman Street Tavern. Weeden never uses a whisk, and lets the whites cook, then at the last moment folds in the yolk. The finish is an emulsified dream.

3. Kedgeree

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Head to The Wolseley for its famous kedgeree, a flavourful Indian dish best served up in the morning. At the London hotel it’s designed by Lawrence Keogh, the head chef, who takes the rich and luxurious mix of smoked haddock, double cream, basmati rice and spices, all topped off with egg, to new heights. It’s a colonial dish that brings together the best of east and west. Try for supper first if fish first thing doesn’t float your boat.

4. Poached eggs

Eggs Benedict is the star, the Marilyn Monroe of brunch. -A. A. Gill.

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My egg nemesis, the poached egg is the one that got away. Is adding vinegar to the boiling water really necessary? Swirling the bubbling liquid beforehand, or dropping the food from egg cups have all failed me. But these eggs are in – and inspire me to do better. Must get practising. Again, The Wolseley (such good breakfasts) is the place to go here.

5. Boiled egg

House cured trout, avocado, radish and egg on sourdough – another #regram of @clerkenwellboyec1 📸👌

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The Good Egg is one of the many egg-centric restaurants popping up around the city. And with plates as pretty as this, we are hardly surprised…

6. Fried egg

Oh, the humble fried egg…such a British institution, and a must have with a full english. It would be rude not to include the good old favourite in our round-up. Alternatively, make like Symmetry Breakfast and team yours with crispy polenta and herby, creamy mushrooms for something a little bit different.

7. The Baked Eggs

We love an egg when it disguises itself as a cheese fondue… Baked eggs are for the people out there who find eggs hard to eat- smother them in cheese and other toppings and you won’t even notice the eggs beneath. Whether a soufflé or en cocotte, baked is an understated use of the ingredient.

8. The Omelette

Now the omelette is a challenge. Something that seems so easy, yet so frequently failed. Many are often left with a rubbery mess of a poor excuse for scrambled eggs. I personally steer clear from omelettes most of the time. But when done well, they’re one of the finest dishes to enjoy, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This one from Nigella Lawson is a great recipe to try.

9. Pickled eggs

The fish and chip shop favourite has recently been back in the spotlight after Simply Nigella was released. Now pink tinged pickled eggs are everywhere. Well, they look quite something.

10. Eggs Benedict

The posh one of the lot, eggs Benedict is a brunch favourite – and while this veers from the actualy definition, the dish can be added to. Call if eggs royale if you please, or something entirely different – it’s great whatever its name with lobster, smoked salmon, or caviar.

There’s not enough space on the list, but allow us to give honourable mentions to the Scotch egg…

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