My First Michelin-Starred Dinner: Woven by Adam Smith Review

By Jack

1 week ago


Michelin-starred Woven by Adam Smith at Coworth Park allows diners aged eight and up for dinner. Jack, 8, visits on behalf of School House and Country & Town House.

My Taste-Buds Don’t Like It. They Love It.

Pre-Dinner Drinks?

My mum had champagne so I had a beautiful strawberry and fabulous ginger cocktail (mocktail). It came in a fancy glass and the waiter knows what I’m thinking: he brings me better drinks every time. 

What Was The Vibe?

The vibe was astonishing. I felt a bit nervous because I’ve never been in a Michelin-starred restaurant before but everyone was friendly and quite quiet. We had a lovely statue of some conkers on the table. The restaurant had good colours, good vibes. 

snacks at Woven by Adam Smith at Coworth Park

How Fancy Are We Talking?

We’re talking VERY fancy. When the food was brought to the table, I couldn’t wait. Like, I needed it right now even before they’ve finished serving it. But it takes a long time to have dinner in a fancy restaurant and we were eating for three hours.

How Was The Service?

Service was incredible. We almost had food every time we finished the one before. But each one got even better. The staff were so kind, they really helped me a lot more than other people because they liked me because I’m kind and have nice hair. 

There was a chef, whose name was Jack, like me. He showed me how he makes the snacks, so a thumbs up to him for doing so much hard work. I definitely could be a chef but I will never be as good as him. 

The Important Bit, How Was The Food?

Astonishing. It melted in my heart. There were so many good vibes, we had so many different tastes each time, which made it fabulous. 

Best Dish?

The best dish was the cheese course. The goats cheese especially. Or maybe the bread. There was a chocolate croissant, but instead of chocolate, it had cheese and onion in it. Me and my mum both wanted it, but she is so generous she let me have it. 

bread basket

The bread basket

Second Best?

The crab or the lamb, they were all so good but those are my top two second places. 

How About Third Place?

Hard decisions, to be honest there has to be a pudding. My third was a fascinating flavour of a mango and creamy creation.

So, What’s The Verdict?

I was jammed with joy after my dinner at Woven. I felt like I had a bigger and happier life. It was a big game changer. If I am honest it is 10 or even 20 times better than my mum’s cooking. (Sorry mum!)

Do You Think All 8-Year-Olds Would Enjoy This?

I think lots of eight year olds will enjoy this incredible restaurant as long as they are sensible and kind. And hungry!


There is a children’s menu available at Woven by Adam Smith at Coworth Park, or children are welcome to order from the adult menu |