Cole & Son Is Opening Its First Ever Flagship Store

By Emma Love

11 months ago

The revered design house has one of the largest archives in the world & now introduces some big news

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Cole & Son: Country & Town Interiors Book 2023

Cole & Son - interiors guide, fabrics, walls and floor

Cole & Son was established in north London in 1875. Throughout its storied history, art and craftsmanship have been at the core of everything the brand has achieved. With one of the largest archives in the world – including 2,000 block print designs, 500 screen print patterns and a vast quantity of original drawings and wallpapers – the design house’s vast portfolio stretches even further back than its founding year to the 1700s. In keeping with its philosophy of ‘living art’ and ‘living history’, Cole & Son continues to add to the artistic legacy of the house’s founders and expand the archive for future generations. In-house artists spend months painting a design, vital for lending a pattern movement and depth. ‘Everything we create is original,’ says creative and managing director Marie Karlsson. ‘Our creativity filters through to the brand. We’re not your everyday wallpaper. When you come to us, you bring your attitude forward.’

This year sees another milestone for Cole & Son with the opening of the brand’s first-ever flagship in the heart of Chelsea. Converting an old art gallery into a Design House for both architects and interior designers, as well as customers looking to choose their new interior scheme. The space will also house the extensive archive, offices, and design studio. This year also sees new collections, with Fornasetti Senza Tempo II wallpapers and The Gardens Vol II Fabrics launched during the summer. The latter tells the enduring story of nature’s vistas in an exquisite selection of fabric complements in rich jacquards, crisp poplin and lustred velvet, enhancing the home with an elegance that is uniquely yours. With a commitment to, and passion for, excellence, Cole & Son is dedicated to creating unique and distinctive designs that help shape inviting interiors through colour and pattern.

Cole & Son - interiors guide, fabrics, walls and floor

Tips, Tricks & Tools

  1. ‘Add unexpected detail by continuing wallpaper onto the ceiling. Imagine lying in bed, gazing up at the billowing clouds of Fornasetti’s “Nuvolette” as they roll above you.’
  2. ‘Use panelling to frame panoramic designs, such as “Idyll”. Surround with the coordinating “Petite Fleur”, both from The Gardens collection, as a way of combining large and small-scale design.’
  3. ‘While feature walls are still popular, there is now a move towards using panels (such as the new “Vista Mediterranea”, a city scene with cerulean sky) or scenic papers, rather than all-over pattern.’
  4. ‘Use a detailed pattern in a large space. For example, the hand-painted “Tudor Rose” knot garden, which, from a distance feels like an organic geometric print.’
  5. ‘A light-toned paper in a hallway can brighten an area that doesn’t have much natural light; a stripe or trailing design will draw the eye upwards to make the space feel larger.’

Cole & Son - interiors guide, fabrics, walls and floor

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