Duravit’s Aurena Range Exudes Timeless Elegance

By Olivia Emily

3 weeks ago

Looking for a bathroom that combines aesthetics with practicality? Look no further…

In architecture, aesthetic harmony is all about the golden ratio – so it makes sense that Duravit’s aesthetically pleasing Aurena range was inspired by this concept. Designer and architect Antonio Citterio says, ‘The idea was to structure surfaces and create a sense of order that positively influences the quality of the overall room.’ Expect the ultimate in precision, function and exquisite materials across vanities, sinks, towel rails, cabinets, bathtubs, toilets, bidets and more, all available in an assortment of colours, sizes and finishes.

Aurena is the latest addition to Duravit’s Artisan Lines. Here’s a closer look at the collection.

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Duravit’s Aurena: Golden Ratio In The Bathroom

Aurena beautifully combines Italian elegance with the modern industrial style that has been guiding interior design for years. Underpinned by the golden ratio, this Duravit Artisan Line exudes elegance with a combination of fine and organic lines, refined materials and finishes (from stainless steel to ceramics), and organisation solutions. Blending all of these seamless aesthetics with supreme practicality, all ceramic parts finished with HygieneGlaze® Plus, while innovative vanity tops and additional functions create harmonious use. Every crevice is accounted for: just take a look at Duravit’s innovative storage areas serving as a connecting point between the bathtub and the wall.

Vanities, Sinks & Washbowls

Antonio Citterio’s vanity tops epitomise the underpinning ethos of Aurena: elegance, precision, utility. The surfaces are perfectly proportioned, with an entirely ceramic washing area separated from the wet area with integrated dividers and elegant contours.

I try to give straightforward answers to reality,’ says Citterio. ‘At the washbasin we need elements for hanging a towel, we need large vanity tops, we need storage space – and it should all fit together perfectly.’

A basin can be integrated into a console, or a console can be combined with with an above-counter basin of ceramic or glass, with multiple sizes available. The aluminium profile frame introduces that industrialism, but it’s not just for looks, projecting on one side to double as a subtle towel rail.

Bathroom Furniture

For Antonio Citterio, furniture is an integral part of design – and Duravit’s Aurena line perfectly encapsulates this. It’s not just about form: it’s the effect of the object on the whole room.

From closed units to hide your toiletries to open aluminium shelves for breezy minimalism, the thread of elegance continues here. Vanities can be mounted on the wall for a modern floating illusion or placed on a metal frame with graceful legs; either way, expect precise artisanal production to be showcased with mitered edges producing a front inset in the frame, and the best in exquisite materials perfectly finished in matte or high gloss colours.

With a harmony struck between colour and material, choose between black or white ceramic, brushed stainless steel, and matte, super-matte or high gloss white, taupe or graphite. The artfully textured wood creates warmth, while marble-look ceramic emulates that Italianate feel, with black lacquer glass creating sophistication.


For synergy across the bathroom, Duravit’s Aurena line includes freestanding bathtubs with soft organic lines crafted with DuroCast® Plus. Tighter on space? The built-in version beautifully tucks into the wall, crafted with the supremely light DuroCast® Smooth material and finished with an elegant chamfered edge. Making the most of every crevice, opt for a back-to-the-wall tub with a smooth 360° beveled edge with a storage box hidden at the connection point between the tub and the wall. Both this and the built-in are available as jetted bathtubs for a luxurious la dolce vita feeling.


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