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TREND: How to Create an ‘Industrial’ Vibe in Your Bathroom

The experts at Duravit give their top tips for tapping into the industrial interiors trend

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Need some help nailing the industrial interiors trend for your bathroom? Look no further…

Bring the Industrial Interiors Trend into Your Bathroom

Industrial style is currently trending in interior design. Historically, this has been associated with larger ‘American loft style’ spaces, but the look and feel has adapted; elements have become more accessible, especially for use within smaller and enclosed areas including bathrooms.

The more obvious aspects of industrial styling such as rough, weathered surfaces, exposed brick and pipework are often too harsh for the home. However, muted, softer versions of this look can work well. The colour palette will help create the feel you want to achieve – by using darker tones in what is usually a light and bright area such as the shower you can influence the mood in the room. Duravit’s Stonetto shower tray has been created to give the appearance of water-worn stone and although available in lighter shades, when used in anthracite or concrete, it can give the bathroom an edgier feel.

Shades of Grey

Grey is the ideal partner for countless colour combinations, plus tones of grey are amongst the best-loved colours in architecture. Because of Stonetto’s unique design you can create a ‘wetroom style’ bathroom without the expense of tanking the room. Matching the darker tones of the shower tray to the floor surface and the creative use of tiles or wooden flooring enables you to give the impression of walking on concrete or an industrial style floor, straight into a shower.

Carefully selected bathroom furniture, such as the new XSquare range from Duravit is ideal for this look. XSquare is elegant in design, the vanity units, mirrors and cabinets with their crisp lines and chrome framework, hint at industrial styling without overplaying the message. By choosing a matt finish and dark shade such as aubergine or cement with its accents of chrome, extra definition is created. For the finishing touch, add a contrast of bright white such as the Durasquare washbasins, with chrome mixer taps.

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