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Ask the Experts: How to do Blue in your Home

The Interior Design team at Juliette's Interiors give us their top tips on the trend...

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Summer might be over, but there’s no need to feel blue. Apart from in the interiors department, that is… Blue is one of the hottest interiors trends of the new season. Learn how to update your home successfully with some beautiful blue hues, with advice from the experts at Juliette’s Interiors.

Juliette's Interiors Armchair

Italian Designer Occasional Armchair, Juliette’s Interiors. The ultimate in simplicity and style, upholstered in an exclusive 3D navy fabric.

How to do Blue

Looking to update your décor but not sure where to start? Micaela Rossi, Design Director at Juliettes Interiors, gives her take on this year’s coolest trend. Follow us into the blue…

‘The biggest talking point in interior design this year has to be blue. Big, brave, brazen blue in all its variations is now being taken up by designers around the globe and we are loving its versatility and the flexibility it gives us in every style of interior, from the most traditional to the ultra-contemporary. Everyone can embrace blue. It’s just knowing how to make it work for you.’

The Beauty of Blue

Interior designers and luxury furniture manufacturers are embracing the tonal trend, interspersing bold splashes of turquoise, indigo and royal blue, navy, midnight and airforce blue. That is the beauty of blue. Mix it, match it, use a single, striking colour or endless shades of blue, turquoise and aquamarine – they always work together to create a feeling of cool, refined elegance. Simply add brighter, bolder pieces to highlight your more flamboyant side, or darker, more defined shades to give an air of mystery or opulence.

Juliette's Interiors Chandelier

Swarovski Crystal Chandelier, Juliette’s Interiors. Clear and sapphire-blue crystals create a spectacular centrepiece.

A Neutral Base

To make this trend work, however, you need a base of neutral shades; a muted palette of pale taupes, cream, even a light blush pink. We want our blues to take centre stage so we are talking highlights, not wall-to-wall blue. If furniture is bold and blue, walls and floors should be understated. If wall coverings are the main feature in shades of cool, calming blue, warm things up with contrasting but subtle natural or nude tones.

Micaela told us, ‘We are finding that many of our clients find a fabulous statement piece in blue but are nervous when it comes to putting the whole look together. This is when you need an interior designer on board. As retailers of fine, designer furniture, we at Juliettes Interiors offer a unique, complimentary interior design service to our customers. They can take advantage of our skills and product knowledge to create a stunning interior that works for the client, their family, their property and their personality.

‘We are currently working with a client at The Palm in Dubai who wants us to bring the turquoise of the ocean into the apartment. It is a fabulous and exciting project that allows us to use colour and imagination whilst creating a perfect haven of peace and tranquillity for our client.’

Add Accents

Juliettes Interiors Bed

Classic Italian button-upholstered bed, Juliette’s Interiors. Elegant, sophisticated and unbelievably glamorous…

This is your chance to really express yourself with a look that can be as refined or as extravagant as your décor demands. Use oversized, overstuffed turquoise sofas as a head-turning centrepiece. Stage a bedroom with a luxurious dusky blue linen bed, and complete the look with a selection of on-trend tub chairs in harmonising tones.

‘Leaders in the world of high end, designer furniture are experimenting with finishes and textures to create stunningly striking contrasts. Bright blue and rich turquoise sit alongside glamorous golds and cool silvers. Soft, sumptuous fabrics work with sleek metal and the warmth of natural wood. This is a look that works in a wealth of interiors – contemporary, urban, even as a bold contrast in a more traditional setting.’


Juliette's Interiors Armchair

Contemporary Leather Button-Upholstered Armchair, Juliette’s Interiors. Sophisticated, elegant and timeless – perfect in modern and classic interiors.

Design buffs today are looking for an individual feel, something special and unique.  Micaela explains that understanding a customer’s individuality and combining that with the help of a professional interior designer is what gives each project its own unique feel. “Having built up a network of trusted suppliers since 2005, we only work with those who an accommodate our clients’ wishes to re-design pieces to fit specific spaces. A 6m table designed for a sheikh’s palace can be re-designed to fit a 2 bedroomed apartment, allowing an individual’s personality to really shine through.”

In the world of luxury interiors, individuality is key and customers always want something that cannot be found on the high street, whether it is just one statement piece or a complete collection.

Micaela’s final piece of advice? “Take your time. Talk to your interior designer. Look at samples, fabrics and colours and make sure everything is planned, perfect and exactly how you want it to be. Only then is it time to dive into the blue.”

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