Laura Jackson: Here's a Realistic Guide to Tablescaping
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Laura Jackson: Here’s a Realistic Guide to Tablescaping

Happy guests are the best table décor

We’ve all been on Instagram, liked a tablescaping photo, then never felt like it was actually feasible to recreate anything similar.

We speak to broadcaster and co-founder of Glassette, Laura Jackson, who shares her refreshing hot takes on tablescaping. Her rules? Well, none actually. Just no stark overhead lighting. And that your main tablescaping feature, she says, should be great atmosphere, happy guests probably with a beer in hand. 

Tablescaping? Don’t Take it Too Seriously, says Laura Jackson

Presenter Laura Jackson holds a beer in front of a restaurant in Hackney, London

Image courtesy of Laura Jackson x Poretti

Don’t Just Take Inspiration from Tablescapers

Getting inspired only by what’s on Instagram and Pinterest can be stifling. Move away from literal references and just walk around your house, and think, what do I actually like? I love to bring in a mix of influences from everywhere really; whether that’s travelling, or if I see a beautiful blue wall, I think: that would make the perfect blue for a napkin. It’s cheesy, but let your table be an expression of you.

Let the Food Do the Talking

If I’m serving Indian food, I’ll usually have a beautiful block printed tablecloth. If it’s Mexican; I’ll have something quite colourful. I let the table lean into the food I’m cooking and dictate the décor.

Presenter and co-founder of Glasette, Laura Jackson at a tablescaping dinner party

Image courtesy of Laura Jackson x Poretti

Atmosphere is an Art

Avoid stark overhead lights, don’t let too much room between each seat, and make sure the music is loud enough for a buzz. Anything that lets your guests interact is a good idea, so passing loads of sharing plates, and why not plunge some Poretti beers in a beautiful carafe to bring that sense of togetherness.

Paper Napkins over Perfection

At the end of the day, it’s about making people feel welcome. Even if you have paper napkins and it’s not all as chi chi as you imagined, it’s just about having a good time. You know when you get invited to someone’s house and they’re stressed about if the food is on time, and how everything looks, it’s not worth it. Your guests are always the most important.

Flowers Please

I absolutely love having flowers on the table. As well as hand written menus and hand written name cards are just some nice extra things that get the conversation flowing around the table.

floral bouquets line the table at Laura Jackson's tablescape dinner

Image courtesy of Laura Jackson x Poretti

The ‘Laissez Faire But Make it Lux’ Tablescaping Edit

Photo 1 of
a wild spindly bouquet Common Farm Flowers

Go For Tumbling, Wild & Spindly Flora

Common Farm Flowers, or JamJar Flowers are your go to florists for that ‘I just picked these from my cut flower garden’ aesthetic. No garden is required.

@jamjar_flowers | @commonfarmflowers

Price's Tapered Dinner Candles

Candles > Overhead Lighting

No need to overcook it with wildly expensive dinner candles if you’re just having a paired back intimate meal with friends. A white tablecloth with cream tapered candles dripping over wine bottles will do the trick.

50 Dinner Candles for £33.99 at Price’s Candles,

Style Your Spaces Woodblock Table Cloth

Cut from the Same Cloth

Take your cue from Style Your Spaces’ Woodblock Table Cloth for inspiration.

Block Printed Tablecloth, £85, Style Your Spaces,


Henry Holland's Sharing Platter

Platter Power

Any way that you can make your guests interact with each other will bring a sense of togetherness.

Henry Holland Sharing Platter, £75, Henry Holland,

a carafe with poretti beer being poured from it, with some red sweet peas and pasta on the side

Pour Decisions

Sharing is caring. Tablescaping should be about your guests at the end of the day, so carafes are a great way to let the drinks flow.




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