How To Create The Perfect Kids Bedroom

By Ellie Smith

2 weeks ago

From decoration to storage and that all-important bed

Designing kids’ bedrooms can be lots of fun – but it can also be tricky. All parents know how quickly a child’s interests and tastes can change, so while one day they might love the idea of a superhero-inspired room, within just a few months they could be asking for a football theme. So how to create a space which will grow with them? Here, in collaboration with award-winning sleep brand Emma, we share a guide to creating the perfect kids’ bedroom – one which is timeless, fun and relaxing at the same time.

Designing Kids Bedrooms: 5 Top Tips

Create The Perfect Bed

At the centre of any child’s room is the bed – and the more appealing it is, the easier bedtime will be. A good night’s sleep can work wonders for all of us, but it’s particularly beneficial for little ones as it helps with physical and emotional development.

So which bed to go for? Firstly, think ahead, and opt for a slightly larger size that your child can grow into. Consider where it’s being placed, too: a child’s bed can work well placed in the centre of the focal wall to allow accessible space on both sides – unless you’re going for a corner bed to maximise space (more on that below). And, of course, all kids love a loft bed, which adds a sense of fun to the room while also creating storage space.

emma premium mattress

It’s also important to choose a high-quality mattress, such as the Emma Elite Mattress. Available in a single size, this innovative mattress features AirGrid technology to help you feel supported, while also helping regulate body temperature. It adapts to your body shape too, creating that floating feeling that little sleepers will love, with the MemoryAdapt foam working to evenly distribute your weight to allow for total relaxation.

Next, invest in a cosy duvet, such as the Emma Cloud Duvet. Made using temperature-regulating microfibres, it feels light as a feather, giving it that cloud-like feeling. Plus, it’s machine washable, a must for kids’ bedding. Complete the experience with the Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow Bundle: these are adjustable, meaning you can change the height and firmness to fit your child’s needs. They also have a padded cover, offering superior breathability and a silky soft touch. Remember: if your children sleep through the night, chances are you’ll be able to get some good kip too.

Next, choose the bed linen. In the interest of cost, avoid character-featuring bedding, as children will likely grow out of it quickly. Instead, opt for a fun pattern or design: check out brands like Habitat, The White Company and John Lewis.

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Get Crafty With Storage

From toys to books and clothes, children accumulate a whole lot of stuff over the years. To avoid the room feeling cluttered, kit out their room with storage solutions – and focus on ideas that will grow with your child. Shelves are a great example: when children are younger these can be filled with teddy bears and soft toys, but as they get older they could switch in books and gaming equipment, for instance. Under-bed storage can also be a gamechanger for keeping things organised – or you could go for a built-in bed, which will have space below for stashing clothes and shoes.

Incorporate Fun With Furnishings

There are lots of ways to bring fun into your child’s bedroom. How about some funky wallpaper? Cole & Son offers a beautiful kid-friendly collection, with designs ranging from hummingbirds to leopards and jungles. There’s also Nubie Kids, which offers an array of gender-neutral patterns. 

Wall art is another way to give the room some personality – look at brands like Desenio, which sells an array of children’s prints and posters, from animal designs to cartoons and alphabets. These aren’t too expensive and can be changed pretty easily. You could also invest in a statement rug: check out Mimi Knots, an eco-conscious brand which creates handmade, one-of-a-kind rugs which feature colourful, textural motifs that children will love.

Child's Bedroom

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Think Practical

Let’s be real: where kids go, mess follows. Think about this when you’re designing the room: paint, for instance, should be durable and washable to prepare for any sticky fingers or crayons-on-walls accidents – particularly the paint on the lower half of the walls. It’s also worth having soft fabrics stain guarded, so that your armchairs and rugs are protected from any spillages.

Add Cosy Corners

We all remember the fun of a den, and you can replicate this feeling by creating special areas in your child’s room. How about making a cosy reading nook by facing two bookcases towards one another? Add a canopy on top, and kit out the space underneath with a bean bag and cushions. If your child has a loft bed, the space underneath could also be used as a lovely chill zone – deck it out with fairy lights and cushions to create that magical feel.

Kids Bedroom Design Inspiration

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