The UK’s 50 Best Interior Designers 2023/24

By Guest Writer

9 months ago

Ready for an interiors revamp? Look no further than our A–Z of the UK's top 50 interior designers

Every corner of the UK is bursting with interior design talent, with unique styles and approaches to creating beautiful and functional living spaces. Whether you have your sights set on a more beautiful home, or your workspace needs a redesign, why not opt for the top-tier UK interior designers known for creating standout spaces? From clean, understated and minimalist to bold colours and look-at-me maximalism, you’ll find your perfect match in our run-down of the 50 best interior designers in the UK right now. Read on to discover which names are lighting up the British design world in 2023/24, as decided by our panel of pioneers from the worlds of eco design and sustainability, fashion, tech and architecture. The 50 Finest Interior Designers 2023/24 were chosen by Jacu Strauss, Hazel Gardiner, and Pearl Lowe. With words by Emma Love.

Best Interior Designers UK 2023/24

Alidad - Interior Designer

Featured image: Shalini Misra

This is from our July/August interiors book 2023/24. Submissions for the Best Interior Designers UK will reopen in Spring 2024.

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