We Love This Cute & Colourful Home Office Design

By Rebecca Cox

11 months ago

Business owner Leon Wenham shares his top tips for creating the perfect home working space

When Leon Wenham launched his recruitment business Placed by Leon in 2022, he sought the expertise of Natasha Landers to give his home working space a makeover. The result? This chic and colourful loft office, inspired by his business colours. Here, Leon shares his top five tips for creating your own optimal home office environment. 

How To Design The Perfect Home Office For You

You Should Still ‘Go’ To Work

‘It’s important to have a separate working area to maintain a work/life balance. It can be difficult to switch off from work if it starts to take over your living space. We often have the tendency to “log on quickly,” which blurs the lines between work and home. My home office is in the loft, two flights of stairs from ground level. Once I’m up there, I stay unless it’s lunchtime. It feels like “going to work,” and I’m more productive than when I worked from the kitchen or dining table.’

The Practicalities

‘First, ensure the space is comfortable and suitable for working from home. The energy in your home office will set the tone for your mood on a daily basis. The room should be well-ventilated with easy access to a window, a radiator, or a fan heater for the winter months. Make sure you have a good Wi-Fi connection and a decent space for virtual calls. Consider your background during virtual calls: adding some character to your background is better than plain white walls. If possible, ensure you are in a place where you won’t be interrupted while working from home.’

Leon Wenham home office, a turquoise and yellow bright space

Design and pictures by Natasha Landers, @untillemonsrsweet

Design Detail

‘I sought help from interior designer Natasha Landers for my home office to create a bright, bold, and fun space that helps me maintain focus throughout the day. The room has good lighting, which is essential for a home office, but I also wanted it to align with my brand colours. This decision solidified the emotional attachment between my home office and my business. According to colour psychology, yellow is associated with intellect and logic, improving analytical thinking, while turquoise evokes calmness, tranquillity, and increased empathy. I didn’t know this when I approved my logo, but I love how it all worked out!’

Home Fragrance

‘As someone who loves fragrance, I had a short list of scents for my home office before it was even completed. During the winter months, I use a luxurious scented candle by Celine called Palimpseste, with notes of pear, rose, and ivy. It adds a subtle, decadent scent and creates a cosy ambiance during dark, cold months. During spring/summer, I use a diffuser by Culti with the scent Mediterranea, which has hints of orange and lemon. It gives me beach vibes and lifts my mood with its fresh and pleasant smell. I also have a peace lily plant in the room, which purifies the air and adds a botanical touch.’


‘Before working for myself, I had a messy desk at work. However, I’ve always worked in organised chaos, and it never hindered my performance. Now, I prefer a clear workspace that enables me to stay focused. My desk is minimal and has a built-in USB charger to minimise cables. I love my gigantic Stendig calendar on the office wall. It looks great and is easy to work with because the dates are so big.’ 

Leon Wenham home office, a turquoise and yellow bright space with a pink filing cabinet

Design and pictures by Natasha Landers, @untillemonsrsweet

About Leon

Leon Wenham is the Founder and Director of Placed by Leon, a boutique recruitment agency based in London. With over 17 years of experience in recruitment, Leon specialises in HR, Luxury Retail, and Lifestyle Brands. His mission is to foster meaningful working relationships by placing the right person in the right opportunity. Leon is committed to recruiting through an intersectional lens, creating inclusive environments that allow passion, talent, and diversity to thrive. As a busy single father, Leon took a huge risk by leaving the corporate world to start his own recruitment agency that aligns with his values and beliefs. He is currently celebrating the first birthday of his business, Placed by Leon. placedbyleon.com 

Leon Wenham

Leon Wenham, Placed by Leon