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Bespoke book collections for private homes, hotels and long-stay residences

Books are back in fashion, which is why the likes of Four Seasons, Firmdale, Raffles and Soneva Resorts have all turned to Ultimate Library for intelligently selected tomes that guests actually want to read. Founded by Philip Blackwell in 2009, the London based company began supplying book collections to hotels and resorts around the world; clients also include interior designers, long-stay residences and private homeowners. The original inspiration for the business came from Philip’s love of travel and the extra time one gets when away from home to read for pleasure. His thinking was that ‘there is a right time and place to read certain books,’ so why not immerse yourself in titles that can teach you about the local area or the true meaning of relaxation?


From vast libraries with over 2,000 tomes to a handful of large format illustrated titles, authentic vintage leather bound volumes to modern classics, Ultimate Library can provide books to suit all reading tastes and, if required, design aesthetic. What all the collections have in common is that they are tailored to a property’s location and client’s interests, chosen with precision by dedicated, expert bibliophiles. The company has worked on projects of all sizes, even down to a perfectly curated single shelf. The key to every collection is the personal, bespoke service that the team offer, beginning with the design concept right through to installation.


During the past 18 months, book sales have soared. As people rekindled their love of reading and spent time at home, it has become more important than ever that a space reflects their personality – and that includes the books on the shelves. Ultimate Library is curating more home libraries than ever before, working directly with clients and interior designers such as Rose Uniacke, Albion Nord and Elicyon. Not only are its collections designed to engage and delight readers, but they can also be carefully chosen to tie in with specific design aesthetics or palettes. Using neutral hues to create a calming atmosphere or pops of colour to stand out, an Ultimate Library bespoke collection can fit any brief.

From vast libraries to a handful of illustrated titles, authentic vintage leather bound volumes to modern classics, Ultimate Library can provide books to suit all reading tastes

One of the most recent trends Ultimate Library has seen is the increased interest in smart thinking and wellness titles. Working with several spa resorts opening around the world, such as Six Senses Ibiza and Joali Being in the Maldives, the company has become experts on the best titles available. The craze for ‘self-care’ has evolved into a desire for ‘shelf-care’ as consumers digitally detox and reconnect with themselves and their environment through reading. Books not only provide a grounding escape from our devices, they are also a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable form of entertainment.


In addition, it’s now widely reported that continued access to new reading materials and actively reading can make sure we stay sharper for longer. This health impact of reading and the tactile nature of physical books is something that Ultimate Library has been researching over the last 18 months providing book collections that enrich people’s lives. The goal is to go beyond ticking the obvious boxes and to create unique libraries that entertain, inspire, and educate – whether for a luxury hotel, a private home or a whole community.


Ultimate Library Studio 9, Chelsea Gate Studios, 115 Harwood Road, London, SW6 4QL +44 (0)20 8705 0765


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