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Beautiful, bespoke book collections for hotels and homes

Over the past 13 years, Ultimate Library has invigorated and curated libraries for countless hotels, homes and long-stay residences around the world. Founded in 2009 by former CEO of Blackwell’s, Philip Blackwell, the London-based company replaces worn and second-hand book collections with libraries that revitalise and entertain readers in hotels and resorts such as Pan Pacific, Four Seasons, and Soneva. Ultimate Library also works extensively with interior designers and private clients, bringing its expertise to a more domestic setting.


The inspiration behind the business came from Philip’s love of travel and the extra time it gave him to read. His thinking being: why not read books that help you explore the local area and give a greater sense of place? No matter the size, Ultimate Library has experience in creating intelligent and beautiful collections to suit all reading tastes and design aesthetics. From vast libraries spanning 180 metres of shelves to a small space in a super yacht and everything in between, the expert team at Ultimate Library ensure that all
reading matter is tailored to a property’s location and a client’s interests.


Understanding the importance of both style and content, Ultimate Library provides books that can give either a modern or vintage look. The key to every collection is the personal, bespoke service that the team offer, beginning with the design concept, right through to installation.

No matter the size, Ultimate Library has experience in creating intelligent and beautiful collections to suit all reading tastes and design aesthetics

Working with interior design firms such as Fiona Barratt, Victoria Fairfax, Albion Nord and Sophie Patterson, Ultimate Library is bringing bespoke and curated libraries to more long-stay residences and private homes than ever before. Last year saw a move to
personalise and enhance domestic spaces, while 2022 is looking towards a sustainable and timeless version of this personalisation
that people can enjoy for longer.


The trend is highly suited to a bespoke book collection or library, with classics and contemporary titles coming together to create a design feature and source of entertainment that can be used time and again by both residents and guests. Another change the brand is seeing is the increase in retirement living as an option for those wishing to downsize.


Working with companies such as Auriens and Riverstone Living, Ultimate Library is creating rounded book collections that will continue to enrich residents’ lives for many years to come and support their ongoing health and wellbeing – it is now widely reported that continued access to new materials and actively reading can make sure you stay sharper for longer.


Over the past couple of years, book sales have soared as people rekindled their love of reading. And, now more than ever, it has become important for spaces to reflect individual personalities. Using neutral hues to create a calming atmosphere or pops of
colour to stand out, an Ultimate Library collection can fit any brief.


The end goal is to create libraries that are entertaining, inspiring, and educational for everyone, whether a luxury hotel, private home or an entire community.


Ultimate Library Studio 9, Chelsea Gate Studios, 115 Harwood Road, London, SW6 4QL

+44 (0)20 8705 0765

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