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Charlotte Elizabeth Interiors
A London-Monaco interior design studio creating relaxed, refined spaces

A boutique interior design studio based between London and Monaco, Charlotte Elizabeth Interiors works across the residential, commercial and hospitality sectors with both private clients and developers. Founder and creative director Charlotte-Elizabeth Evans grew up between the rural Yorkshire Dales and sophisticated Monte Carlo before discovering her passion for design and enrolling at the KLC School of Design (she has a background in history of art, architecture and design). She launched the practice in 2017 and, since then, has made a name for herself creating perfectly balanced spaces that combine rough-smooth textures.


Charlotte-Elizabeth only says yes to a limited number of commissions to ensure that she is able to give each one the full attention it deserves, working collaboratively with the architect, contractor or client from inception to completion. Every project undertaken by the studio is managed by highly experienced interior designers who put an emphasis on honest materials and craft.

Chic and rustic touches are paired together, underpinning a respect for context and tradition that results in a calm, elegant aesthetic with its own distinct character

While each project is driven by the client’s unique requirements, the studio embeds a relaxed refinement throughout each scheme. Chic and rustic touches are paired together, underpinning a respect for context and tradition that results in a calm, elegant aesthetic with its own distinct character. ‘For us, the fundamental starting block for any design scheme is a neutral palette,’ reveals Charlotte-Elizabeth. ‘We like to build on the finishes of carefully selected furniture and accessories; these are the items that we have spent a great deal of time sourcing and so wish for them to become a focal feature.


One such recent project was 100 Sydney Street, in the heart of Chelsea, where the studio was tasked with creating a show apartment for an upscale development. Soft, tactile fabrics, simple pieces of furniture, accentuated by the natural light of the space, and pops of colour via carefully curated finishes were all layered onto a neutral base. ‘We love working with more weathered furniture items as they lend depth; our wonderful restorers bring them back to life and then we create cohesion with our fabrics through soothing colour tones and thick weaves,’ explains Charlotte-Elizabeth. ‘The addition of sumptuous velvets, silks, handpainted wall coverings and specialist finishes, such as intricate bronze inlays or stone, elevates the scheme with a subtle luxury.’


Over the last four years the company has continued to grow, attracting clients looking to create timeless elegance within their homes. Now a team of four, the studio’s international portfolio ranges from luxury residential developments to family townhouses and contemporary apartments – in other words, projects of all sizes and budgets.

As a young designer who has recently rebranded the business, Charlotte-Elizabeth has come out in full force this year. An array of exciting projects underway and in the pipeline range from a penthouse flat to a pied-à-terre for a jet-set couple. And it’s this great mix of commissions that has allowed the studio to be even more innovative and step into its exciting new design future.

Charlotte Elizabeth Interiors Park Walk, Chelsea London SW10 0AG

+44 (0)20 7193 8510

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