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Clive Christian Furniture Co
Opulent kitchens and bespoke cabinetry for the home

Clive Christian Furniture has been designing for the world’s most outstanding homes for nearly five decades. The Lancashire design studio and cabinetry workshop is under the stewardship of Managing Director and owner, Phil Cole, and Head of Design, Oliver Deadman. From inception, the brand has sought to deliver an unparalleled level of opulence for its global client base. Built around a philosophy of detail-oriented design, it delivers products made from the world’s finest and rarest materials.


Clive Christian Furniture is the foremost designer of ultra-luxurious kitchens and bespoke fitted cabinetry for the home. Traditionally working from the concept of a project, either directly with the client or their interior designer, each design starts with a hand drawn sketch and a nod to the brand’s handmade approach.


The Clive Christian Furniture cabinetry collections are inspired by the majesty, proportion and scale of grand architecture. This past year has seen the culmination of several major home projects in Europe, the US and the UK. These include a historic house in Henley steeped in musical antiquity designed by Carmen Evans and Clive Christian Weybridge; a townhouse on Northumberland Street in Edinburgh designed by Anna Mills Interiors and Clive Christian Scotland; and a new-build family home in St George’s Hill, Surrey.

Built around a philosophy of detail-oriented design, it delivers products made from the world’s finest and rarest materials

This summer, Clive Christian Furniture is launching its first new cabinetry collection in almost a decade. Entitled ‘The New Classical’, the cabinetry – pioneering in its design and use of materials – embodies the spirit of the company’s classic designs but in a bold, contemporary way.


‘The New Classical’, which is engineered to be more sustainable, means that the cabinetry is highly adaptable, so that changes to façades, colours and finishes are more easily applied. It is a new internal carcass design, which allows for multiple cabinets to share a single frame. The result is a single seamless surface on which to apply a texture or new finish.


In tandem, the new design has allowed Oliver to create a new body of finishes, textures and colours that will launch this summer. A refreshed reminder of what statement cabinetry design is all about, ‘The New Classical’ collection celebrates raw materials while creating something art-like in style. It sees Clive Christian Furniture working with other British craftspeople and makers: Tom Dixon, Philip Watts and Joseph Giles. Experimenting with materials, Oliver has created one new finish made from encapsulating Tamo Ash wood veneer in glass. Sourced traditionally in Japan, Tamo Ash is a coveted decorative wood featuring swirls and twists that give the natural veneer a high sheen and feeling of movement.

‘The launch of the new cabinetry and finishes is a real milestone for the business,’ says Phil. ‘It showcases the principles synonymous with Clive Christian – scale, grandeur and opulence – with sustainability firmly at its core. Complementing existing cabinetry collections, ‘The New Classical’ is a statement of intent to remain at the forefront of our sector, delivering the world’s finest homes and continuously pushing the design boundary.’

The latter half of 2022 and early 2023 will see further expansion for the brand with the opening of new showrooms in LA, New York and Edinburgh.

Clive Christian Furniture Co St Germain Street, Bolton, BL4 7BG

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