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Eco-friendly paints combining artisanal techniques and innovative 21st century technology

These days paint colours seem to come with ever-more alluring names. But what a paint is called can easily distract from the real question: what it’s made from. Does it contain petro-chemicals (even if it’s encouragingly marked as ‘water based’) or microbeads that damage waterways, oceans and eco-systems? Does it release VOCs after application, adversely affecting indoor air quality? Even a product marked as ‘low VOC’ can have up to 30 grams of toxins per litre – which, in fact, is not low at all. These are the important paint questions for consumers.


One answer is Graphenstone: a paint range that combines traditional, harm-free ingredients used since Roman times, with the latest 21st century carbon technology. Created in Spain in 2013 by coatings technician Antonio Leon, to bridge a critical gap in the paints sector, it is now distributed in 40 countries worldwide. His objective was to shift the world forwards from the decades-long use of toxic synthetic coatings, replacing these polluting, unhealthy oil-based products with trusted natural and sustainable minerals such as lime, chalk, clay and silicate. This is paired with Graphene, which is made from pure inert carbon and the strongest material on earth. It was discovered at Manchester University in 2004 by two scientists, both of whom are now Nobel Prize winners, due to the extraordinary potential behind this remarkable advancement.

Graphenstone is now the most independently certified, sustainable and ecological mineral paint brand in the world

‘Our combination of the oldest, most trusted minerals like lime and silicate, together with 21st century Graphene technology, sets our range apart from the competition,’ says Patrick Folkes, CEO of Graphenstone UK. ‘Ecological and sustainable yet extremely durable, our clean-tech ranges create safe and healthy environments, with no compromise on performance.’


Graphenstone’s range contains no plastics, man-made chemicals or microbeads, with only trace VOCs (under 0.1 percent). And, in complete contrast to the intense toxicity of typical synthetic paints, this most modern of sustainable options offers strength, durability and an unsurpassed richly pigmented finish. The purifying lime paints actively remove CO2 and air-born toxins.

Graphenstone is now the most independently certified, sustainable and ecological mineral paint brand in the world. Awarded Cradle to Cradle Institute Gold, Silver and Bronze across all its main ranges, in addition to many other prestigious harm-free product evaluation standards worldwide, it sets the bar for technology, ecology and health in the paint sector. The range includes ‘Biosphere’ and ‘Ecosphere Premium’, exterior and interior pure lime paints with a matt finish; ‘GrafClean Premium’, suitable for general use indoors and out, plus ‘GrafClean Eggshell’ for woodwork and trim; and the latest VOC-free emulsion, ‘Nevada Ultra’, a trade paint which can also be used as a mist or first coat to reduce cost.

Of course, colour choice has always been a powerful tool to motivate buyers and Graphenstone has a palette of over 1,000 rich shades. The annual ‘Colour of the Year’ story rolled out by the big brands is often the key narrative in paints. Given the indisputable climate crisis, however, Graphenstone asks buyers to consider other critical issues ‘Beyond Colour’, a concept it has now trademarked. Natural and environmentally friendly, these are paints that tick all the right boxes.

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