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Luxury bespoke carpets and rugs, handmade to order

Loomah is at the forefront of designing and supplying traditional and contemporary luxury bespoke carpets and rugs. With over 30 years of experience working with the best artisans and factories in the industry, the brand’s husband and wife founders Andrew and Natalie Cotgrove set up Loomah with the vision of creating a studio focused on delivering exceptional quality alongside a personal design service.


Loomah has an eclectic portfolio but it is the company’s bespoke design service that makes it stand out in a crowded arena – and allows clients to create something completely unique. All carpets and rugs are custom made to order, to exact specifications. No matter the size or scope of a project, there is always a focus on offering a personal customer experience.


‘We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and going the extra mile to ensure the end product is the ultimate in elegance and luxury,’ says Andrew.


Everything is designed by the in-house design team in Loomah’s London showroom and expertly hand tufted to the most exacting standards by highly skilled craftsmen.

Loomah has an eclectic portfolio but it is the company’s bespoke design service that makes it stand out in a crowded arena

‘Whether a client has a concept in mind or wishes to utilise the expertise of our designers to draw inspiration from their existing interior, our team will work with an individual to develop their design to ensure that it works in harmony with the overall look and feel of a space,’ continues Andrew. He cites a recent commission designing and supplying bespoke carpets for the reception areas and staircase of an exclusive luxury apartment building in Mayfair as an example.


‘With the scheme for the space designed and fabrics and finishes selected, the carpet was the final element to be considered but also a key component in achieving the desired finish,’ says Andrew. ‘The brief was to create a bespoke design that balanced both the modern and traditional elements of the space and achieved the bright, elegant finish desired by the residents.’ Loomah leant on its provenance for more classical designs and, more specifically, took inspiration from its Pembroke design, an Arts & Crafts-style rug that was on display in its London showroom at the time.


The final rug design was sensitive to the history of the building, featuring an ornate trellis border as a subtle nod to the original carpet, and the inclusion of a delicate floral motif to complement the wall murals. The carpet was curated as a single piece, laid throughout the entire communal area. The central trellis motif then continued up the stair runner, creating a continuous flow through the space.


‘The key to the success of a project of this nature is the planning,’ says Andrew. ‘By investing time in the planning, not only did we ensure the perfect finish but we were able to minimise waste. This means less cost both financially and to the environment.’


Whether it is the simple opulence of a luxury silk carpet in a plain custom-dyed colour or an intricate border design following the contours of an elaborate staircase, each project is designed to suit the requirements of an individual interior.


Loomah Bespoke Carpets & Rugs 592 King’s Road, London, SW6 2DX +44 (0)20 7371 9955


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