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Refined interiors, delivered with discretion, that redefine discernment

Martin Kemp Design was established nearly 11 years ago as an exclusive studio working almost entirely within a guarded residential sector that embraces spectacular private homes, developments, yachts and planes. It has established a revered reputation among those seeking a discerning home, delivered with complete privacy and the utmost discretion. These are properties you rarely see gracing the pages of glossy magazines, rather they are talked about – whispered about even – as enigmatic and confidential commissions.


The formula for such originality remains a simple one: the studio listens carefully to any brief given and responds appropriately to a client’s requirements – whether they are asking for rural calm or a dynamic, contemporary aesthetic for a city home – and always in a humble, respectful manner. Creatively, it embraces any vernacular. The limit is simply how far a client is keen to explore and, with many owning multiple homes, the schemes vary greatly. Such clients might be seeking the full restoration of a classical mansion in London or the creation of an ultra-modern penthouse in New York. No matter, MKD welcomes each brief and develops elegant and striking solutions, adding its trademark attention-to-detail to each project.

The formula for such originality remains a simple one: the studio listens carefully to any brief given and responds appropriately to a client’s requirements

The work is inspired first and foremost by the client, who may have ideas they would like to explore. Often though, initial stimulation is presented by the architecture and its setting. From that, ideas are drawn for discussion and development; potential layouts are shown by hand, as well as in 3D modelling, where a scheme can be explained more visually; and of course, a space is styled both spatially and through furnishings. While styles vary enormously, very little of what the studio delivers is ever published, owing to strict confidentiality agreements.


Projects currently include classical mansions in and around London being fully restored and updated (several as private homes, one as a multi-apartment development), a development in Monaco featuring three sumptuous spas, an extraordinary rural retreat high in the Alps, a vast estate in France that encompasses four villas, a yacht under construction in Italy, penthouses in New York and China, plus a magnificent villa in Zurich.

In addition to its interior design work, the studio has collaborated on several products – notably with THG Paris, a French manufacturer of bathroom fittings and accessories through which the Corvair collection of sanitaryware is available (it is inspired by the aerodynamic lines and shapes characteristic of the golden age of travel). MKD has also teamed up with SA Baxter to launch a range of ironmongery and, recently, sold a remarkable table tennis table via the Rolls Royce showroom in London. Other partnerships and a homeware collection are both on the horizon.

Despite this somewhat intriguing and elite impression, the studio is extremely welcoming as Martin remains true to his warm Welsh roots and encourages staff to be down-to-earth. In a world where clients come from the highest levels of success, MKD retains a humble, open charm, is always discreet and eminently approachable.

Martin Kemp Design Greencoat House, Francis Street, London SW1P 1DH +44 (0)20 7183 3885

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