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Exquisite natural rugs, custom designed and handcrafted in Kathmandu, Nepal

For the last 15 years Camilla and Leo Riviere have been designing custom rugs, which are handcrafted in their own workshop in the Kathmandu valley of Nepal and in Rajasthan. Inspired by extensive travels in Europe and Asia, and with backgrounds in art and design, the couple founded Riviere in 2005. Since the beginning, the idea has been to combine craftsmanship and creativity to produce original rugs that will last for generations.

Since the beginning, the idea has been to combine craftsmanship and creativity to produce original rugs that will last for generations

In an increasingly mass-produced world dominated by synthetic materials, Riviere’s rugs stand out as a more natural and truly unique alternative (no two projects are ever the same). Using only the finest grade, hand- carded and hand-spun Tibetan wool and pure Chinese silk, the rugs are hand woven with a minimum of 100 knots per square inch (there is also a wide range of other knot counts). Wool is one of the most eco-friendly fibres of all, completely sustainable and renewable, with little environmental impact throughout its production process. Other yarns available include mohair, nettle, linen, and Tencel, which is derived from wood pulp.
From the hand dying of the natural yarns to the highly labour intensive weaving process, the whole process is carried out by artisans using traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations. Today, Riviere has a collection of more than 100 designs and each one can be customised with a choice of colour, size, shape and materials. In addition, the company provides a colour matching service and an extensive library of more than 2,000 colour tufts at their showroom on Lots Road in the heart of London’s Chelsea Design Quarter.
Working closely with some of the leading interior architects in the UK and worldwide, Riviere also offers a fully bespoke design service that gives the industry the scope to create one-off pieces for their clients: rugs from Riviere’s Modern Classic, signature Geometric and understated Elemental and Abstract collections have all been commissioned for mansions and superyachts around the world.

Although they tend to avoid trends in their own designs, the couple has recently noticed the return of colour blocking and geometrics to the world of interiors. Both Camilla and Leo have a thorough appreciation of architecture, paintings and interiors, and are influenced by art forms such as fabric prints, wood carvings and fret works. For instance several of their designs, such as Moma, Rothko and Raku, take inspiration from renowned artists such as Mark Rothko; while the pattern on Nam Khong stems from the wood carving on the monks quarters at the Wat Xieng Thong in Luang Prabang, Laos.


Whereas in the past all collections were developed internally, last year the couple began collaborating with select artists and interior designers, kicking off with Caledonia, a range of five rugs co-created with O&A London that were inspired by the Scottish landscape. Like the rest of the collections, these are unique pieces of floor art hand designed to become cherished antiques of the future.

Riviere 46 Lots Road, London, SW10 0QF +44 (0)20 3601 4600

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