St James Interiors
Bespoke joinery based on heritage and craftmanship

‘I come from three generations of craftsmen; my grandfather, father and now me,’ says Pritesh Lad who founded bespoke joinery company St James Interiors in 2018. ‘The business stems from years of handed down knowledge and skills, and that idea of really taking the time to produce beautiful work. I want to pass on that legacy by infusing craftsmanship with modern technology to deliver timeless luxury furniture and interiors.’


St James Interiors focuses on two key areas: manufacturing and designing bespoke interiors  (such as kitchens, wardrobes and wine rooms) and highly crafted furniture tailored to individual requirements. Key to Pritesh’s values is honesty (‘we always give honest advice to a client, be it on material selection or design direction, because it’s all about building long-term connections’), creating original, high-quality work, and sustainability. As well as producing pieces that will last for life, this also means, on a practical level, using only FSC-sourced timber, heating the workshop with sawdust and reducing its carbon footprint with less skip waste. Clients are encouraged to visit the workshop, meet the team and learn more about how the company works and see their work in production.


St James Interiors stems from years of handed-down knowledge and skills, and that idea of really taking the time to produce beautiful work

‘We are super excited about launching our furniture brand, Jush London, later this year,’ says Pritesh. ‘This has been in the pipeline for a while but the pandemic allowed us the opportunity to fine-tune its direction.’ The brand’s previous award-winning designs, like the ‘Vithal Jesse’ table and ‘Dhan’ desk, gave him the inspiration to move forward with this venture. Added to the range will be his twist on modern organic furniture. ‘Our speciality as bespoke joiners is working with wood, however we love to add materials such as stone, metal and fabric into the mix to showcase craftsmanship in our pieces. We will look to push boundaries on what is considered furniture: we see this as an opportunity to be innovate and original,’ he continues.


Among other projects, this year St James Interiors is working collaboratively with clothsurgeon, the first tailored streetwear brand on Savile Row. ‘We are finding textures in materials a big trend at the moment and with our five axis CNC machine we are able to offer completely bespoke patterns and textures,’ he continues. The St James Interiors ethos is to enrich its clients’ lives through impeccable design, as well as to inspire the next generation of craftsmen. Everything is bespoke, from the materials used to the size of a piece of furniture. Detail is at the heart of every piece to ensure the absolute best finished product.

The experienced workshop team (many of whom knew Pritesh’s grandfather) has a can-do attitude and they are unafraid of pushing design boundaries, testing out-of-the-box ideas or experimenting with new ways to work with innovative materials and machinery.

‘What I love is that every day brings a new challenge. Whether it’s a first-time client with an exciting brief or discovering a different way to work with a material, no two days are the same,’ concludes Pritesh.

St James Interiors 35 Gorst Road, Park Royal London NW10 6LA

+44 (0)20 8961 1342

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