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Nature-inspired photographs translated into custom, hand knotted rugs

Textile designer Tania Johnson specialises in contemporary hand knotted rugs. Using her own photography as inspiration, the designer translates each image into an intricately woven wool and silk piece. Made by hand using the finest natural materials, each rug will last generations. Tania graduated from London’s Royal College of Art with a Masters in woven textiles before working at a weaving mill in Switzerland and then in New York where she was a textile designer for Calvin Klein Home. She designed the fashion brand’s first rug collection, which is where she discovered her passion for creating innovative floor art. Tania went on to launch her debut collection of hand knotted rugs in 2010, returning to the UK a year later. 


All rugs in the collection are certified by GoodWeave, the organisation that aims to eliminate child labour and improve working conditions for adults. Tania has been a member of GoodWeave since forming the business and strongly supports the initiative. From the start, she wanted to be sure her rugs were produced ethically and help the communities involved in their making. Being a member of GoodWeave has ensured this happens. She has also always worked closely with the same manufacturer since the beginning. ‘The highly skilled artisans we work with in Nepal are at the core of everything we do,’ she says. 

Each distinctive hand-knotted rug starts with a moment that inspires Tania, as captured through her photography

Each design starts with a moment that inspires Tania, for instance the way light creates shadows and reflections, or the microscopic details found in nature. She captures these constantly shifting patterns that form and change around us through her camera lens. Using her textile background, she creates every weaving graph herself and specifies how each pixel should be translated into yarn and colour – something which sets her apart from her competitors. This attention to detail can be felt in each of Tania’s characteristically complex designs.


This year marks the ten-year anniversary of Tania’s best-selling ‘Water’ collection and, to celebrate, the designer will launch a number of new colours and shapes. Each rug in the range is based on images of light and reflections on water (their names, which include ‘Ripples’, ‘Splash’, ‘Rainstorm’ and ‘Whirl’, give an indication of each pattern) and are hand knotted in silk and wool. Alongside this collection, Tania also has a selection of simple, hand-carved, gradated and geometric designs created on a hand loom.

The company offers a completely bespoke service and works with both interior designers and private clients. Every rug can be produced in any colour, size or shape. Clients are always welcome to visit the studio to view full size rugs but Tania and her team are also very happy to take a range of samples and the extensive set of colour poms to someone’s home, to see what works best in the space itself. Tania puts an emphasis on a highly personalised service and loves the process of developing the perfect – and individual – creation for each and every client. Designed with integrity from beginning to end, each Tania Johnson rug conveys a unique connection between inspiration, design, tradition and skill.

Unit 12 Crane Mews, 32 Gould Road, Twickenham, TW2 6RS

+44 (0)7979 193971

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