Westend Bed Company
The largest collection of luxury beds in the world

When it comes to getting a restorative night’s sleep we all know how important it is to choose the right bed. Cue the Westend Bed Company in southwest London, a specialist showroom that not only partners with the best luxury global bed brands but also has a team of experts who offer in-depth sleep consultations – something that sets it apart from competitors. In fact, other companies often refer clients, as they know that the Westend Bed staff are dedicated to helping someone find the perfect bed, whatever their budget may be.


Buying a new bed is both an important decision and an investment, especially when you consider that a third of our life is spent sleeping. This is why the Westend Bed Company puts so much time and effort into ensuring that clients understand what they should be looking for when purchasing a bed and the benefits that come from choosing the ideal one for them. The rule goes: the higher quality the bed, the better the night’s sleep. Heat control is an important factor, and this is better managed in a bigger bed. And mattress comfort – both the filling and number of turns in the springs – are crucial, as is the upholstery. All beds in the collection are hand-stitched for edge-to-edge support, mattresses are hand-tufted for lasting performance and only natural, sustainable materials are used in the upholstery.

The rule goes: the higher quality the bed, the better the night’s sleep

The newest addition to the Westend Bed collection is Treca Interiors Paris, which has developed a reputation for French craftsmanship across the globe. When it comes to technology, the pioneering Supercad bed (which can be experienced by clients in the showroom’s dedicated sleep room) is unlike any other: the pocket spring suspension gives all the comfort of a traditional fixed bed base but four silent motors means that each side of the bed will move separately, ensuring both people sleeping on it can find a position that is individual – and comfortable – to them.


The innovative radio remote control allows users to recall up to three memorised positions. The Westend Bed Company has the largest  range of luxury beds in the world, and this also includes the Marshall & Stewart Diamond Collection. Each one is handmade in the UK by master craftsmen using the finest natural materials and comes with a 25 year guarantee.


Alongside this, the showroom has a selection of French bed frames and classic reproduction antiques. Tall, wide headboards are popular and these are available with fabrics that upholster the bed to fit fantastically with a clients’ décor. Of course, quality is paramount when the company is considering adding new bed to the collection (the team visits the furniture shows in Milan and Cologne to stay informed on current industry trends), and this is matched with superb Italian linens, all created using age-old traditions and precise finishing.


With more than a century of combined experience in the industry, the Westend Bed Company is brilliantly placed to help clients find a bed with the ideal model, design and support system to achieve satisfying slumber night after night.