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Yves Delorme
A historic home linen brand, whose new collections are inspired by nature

Founded by Ernestine Fremaux in France in 1845, Yves Delorme is a family-owned, international luxury linen brand. It is recognised by the French government as an ‘Enterprise of Living Patrimony’ – an indicator of the highest quality manufacturing that originates from its authentic savoir-faire, cultivated over the past 175 years.


Over 125 skilled artisans – including specialists in engraving, embroidery and weaving – are based in the company’s studios in Nieppe and Sevelinges, where they work diligently on all the fine detailing that goes into making an Yves Delorme piece. Since 2001, Yves Delorme has also been a member of The Comité Colbert, which unites the most prestigious French and European brands and cultural institutions.


The first Yves Delorme boutique opened in Paris in 1979, followed, in the 1980s, by more in the United States and United Kingdom; now it has over 400 stores worldwide including the flagship on Walton Street in south-west London.


As a conscious linen house, Yves Delorme is committed to the preservation of the planet. Collections are manufactured with certified organic cotton, solid fibres of excellent quality that are also particularly resistant. Organic cotton not only eliminates toxins and pesticides from its production, it also respects soil fertility, has less impact on air quality, uses 88 per cent less water and 62 per cent less energy than cotton that is made by conventional methods.


What’s more, each studio operates autonomously in order to optimise logistics and avoid pollution, while maintaining ecological requirements, such as systematic recycling, using energy-certified appliances, the re-use of excess threads and fabrics in workshops,
harvesting rainwater for washing and ironing, and nosingle-use plastics.

As a conscious linen house, Yves Delorme is committed to the preservation of the planet

While the Spring/Summer 2022 collection evoked ideas of freedom and journeys suspended time, the soon-to-launch Autumn/Winter 2022 range will focus on cosy, decorative designs befitting the colder seasons. Enveloping fabrics and misty, water-coloured patterns combine with deep, sophisticated colours, all inspired by nature. Designs include ‘Boréale’, which conjures up images of the first frost with trees drawn in blue and amber tones set against a white background; floral ‘Eaux’, featuring vibrant orchid and peony blooms that appear as if they are floating on water (a full bath linen range completes the look); and opulent ‘Foulard’, inspired by the modern dandy with a striking paisley jacquard pattern. Others, such as ‘Rameaux’ which takes its design cues from autumnal trees, and
‘Soierie’, with a Rococo-inspired floral motif that is reminiscent of a delicate lace, are equally elegant.


Complementing the readily available classic designs, Yves Delorme also has an exclusive couture collection for those seeking the ultimate luxury. The quality and rarity of these fabrics, combined with the finesse of the tailoring (which often includes exquisite hand embroidery), makes each creation truly unique. At the Walton Street boutique, clients can also find the signature Monogrammed Linen Shop homeware collections, which include ranges for children, beautiful gifts, decorative accessories and a bespoke monogramming service. With an emphasis on excellence and craftsmanship, and designs that celebrate nature, this heritage linen house is going from strength to strength.

Yves Delorme 158 Walton Street, London SW3 2JL

+44 (0)20 7589 4033

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