Early Years Girls at Maltman’s Green go Interstellar

The Early Years girls at Maltman’s Green School took a rocket ship into space in their first WOW! morning!

What better way to stimulate the curious minds of the young than an all immersive, themed WOW! morning? The Early Years girls of Maltman’s Green School are able to testify that you would be hard pressed to find a better solution as they have recently completed their first WOW! morning of the academic year.

Learning through a topic-based approach (in this case, all things Space!) and making the WOW! day that little bit more special, the girls came to school dressed for their space odyssey. It was as if astronauts, stars, rockets and planets had fallen from the sky to congregate for the start of their action packed day.

The morning progressed with a series of space-themed activities to get the girls in a creative state of mind, teaching them about planets, the solar system, and improved their team-work skills.

‘Star’ bracelet making proved to be an extremely popular activity and the threading certainly developed the girls’ fine motor skills. A creative collage to make four different planets allowed the girls to use their collaborative skills, whilst also learning about sorting colours. Junk modelling was the next activity and the girls were keen to make choices about which box, bottle or piece of paper they wanted to use for their models. There were also some sheets where the girls could design their own alien or rocket ship using their wonderful imaginations.

It was certainly a WOW! morning for all who were involved. They had a blast!

Maltman’s Green School is a preparatory school for girls aged 2-11 in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire. Find their School House listing here.