Five Ways to Positive Wellbeing with QM Connect

By School House

4 years ago

It’s tough being young in today’s challenging times. Friendships that were forged at school are now sorely missed and only possible through the wonders of modern technology.

Queen Margaret’s, York (QM) recognises that wellbeing is key to keeping healthy in both body and mind. This is why, as part of its virtual learning platform, QM Connect, QM has introduced an initiative called ‘Five Ways to Positive Wellbeing’. 


The campaign encourages girls to share the ways in which they are positively focusing on their wellbeing through a series of five categories:

  •  #QMTakeNotice encourages them to be aware of what is taking place in the present and to savour the moment
  • #QMGive asks students to participate in community life and take an interest in helping others
  • #QMBeActive engages girls in regular physical activity, whether indoors or outside at any level and pace of exercise 
  • #QMLearn takes learning to the next level, encouraging students to learn something new, set goals and be productive
  • #QMConnect reminds girls to spend time connecting with friends and family – whether virtually or simply with one another in the same household, taking time to talk and, importantly, listen

‘Wherever they are in the world, the wellbeing of QM girls is at the heart of everything we do,’ says Sue Baillie, Queen Margaret’s Head. ‘It’s been wonderful to see how the girls have engaged with this new campaign. We have received so many videos and photos showing how the girls are embracing ‘Five Ways to Positive Wellbeing’, from taking notice of the natural environment around them, staying active, taking time to talk, participating in community life and learning new things. All we have done is simply provided the creative hooks to get the girls interested and they have done the rest.’


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