Anyone remember ‘ordinary’?

A film addressed to pupils longing for a return to ‘ordinary’ school life after the Covid-19 lockdown has gone down a storm on social media, with Location, Location, Location star Kirstie Alsopp among its thousands of fans.

It’s now been viewed 20,000 times across social media platforms. The video, called ‘We Miss Our Ordinary’, was made by Reigate Grammar School head Shaun Fenton, who tells students that what they used to think of as ordinary – dedicated teachers who make learning fun, who support their achievements, and are there with a smile when times are bad – is, in fact, extraordinary. 

In the voice-over, Mr Fenton reminds them that education is about more than academic success; he says that making memories – ‘not just making the grade’ – and sharing experiences with friends are just as important. 

He reassures them that ‘this will be our ordinary again’ and that a fabulous future awaits them ‘even if it doesn’t feel that way now’. 

‘The film is designed to remind us all about the amazing things teachers do in all our schools, everywhere, every day,’ says Mr Fenton, who is also deputy chair of HMC. ‘It is why teachers are working their socks and why we mind so much about what we do. ‘The video seems to have resonated with people all over the country, which is a real thrill. I like to think it provides some optimism at this difficult time, and a reminder – if any were needed – about the fantastic job that teachers everywhere are doing.’

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