Abbey College Manchester Adds A-Levels

By School House

2 years ago

Abbey College Manchester has announced it is launching a trio of new A-level programmes this September (2022), with subjects including Textiles, Environmental Science and Accounting. 

Three new A-levels

The innovative college has introduced the three programmes, bolstering the diverse range of A-level courses already available. As part of the A-level Textiles programme, students will have the invaluable opportunity to participate in workshops and activities to expand their understanding and experience of the art of textiles and fashion. Visits to galleries and museums will further enhance their knowledge, with students encouraged to develop their own responses to tasks set.  

Aspiring accountants will be able to enrol on the college’s new Accounting A-level, a topic often described as the ‘language of business’ which can be divided into many fields such as financial, management, or tax accounting and external auditing. Students will learn how to measure the results of an organisation’s economic activities, and how to convey this information to a variety of users including investors, creditors, managers and regulators. 

For those with an interest in discovering more about the impact of human activity on our planet, Environmental Studies will provide an opportunity to gain an insight into how geographical and biological components are interrelated in terms of the environment. While investigating ways in which environmental damage can be halted or even reversed, the scientific-based subject leads to both answers and more questions. 

Commenting on the new A-level options Principal Chris Randell said, “We are well-known at Abbey College Manchester for providing pioneering and flexible courses which focus on highly-personalised learning, and we are delighted to introduce three exciting new A-level programmes into the mix as an option for students from September 2022. 

“We take great pride in guiding our students to academic success and helping them to progress to university courses of their choice, and by widening the number of opportunities available to students we are able to support them further with their ambitions. Our teachers are experts in their respective fields; they teach our students the information they need in the form and style that they need to maximise their potential.”

Abbey College is a leading independent college in the heart of Manchester, with a fast-growing and vibrant community. 

There are 220 students at the college, comprising a mix of students from the local area and other countries. The college offers A-level, GCSE, Combined Studies and International Foundation Programmes.

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