Last week, Google invited GCSE and A-level Computer Science students at Wimbledon High School to spend a day in one of their offices in London.

Pupils at Google's London office
Pupils at Google’s London office

The day included an office tour, showing how the facilities in Google’s workplace give their employees a better working environment (among the favourites were the games room, which included a darts board and a ping pong table). In addition to the tour, pupils had fascinating discussions and talks about innovation, sustainability in Google, Google culture (we discovered that in a Google culture, you are never more than 30 seconds away from a micro kitchen) as well as interactive activities in-between. One talk that stood out was Helen Kelisky’s, who talked about her experience in the tech industry and how she got there from being a GDST student. The trip was a major success and a great way to extend learning beyond the curriculum!

Google welcomes Wimbledon High School
Google welcomes Wimbledon High School
Pupils listening to a presentation at Google
Pupils listening to a presentation

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