Argyle House School Student Set For Global Success On The Slopes

By School House

2 years ago

A Sunderland student is limbering up for a major skiing event on the global stage, after being selected in a highly competitive process to take part in the World Schools’ Competition representing Argyle House School.

Alexander Colling will form part of the 20 strong Team England delegation travelling to Turkey in February next year, in the ESSKIA (English Schools’ Ski Association) team, made up of the best skiers from schools up and down the UK. Historically, many young skiers who have taken part in this event have gone on to represent England or GB at higher levels.

Alexander, a year 11 pupil, is delighted to have been selected as part of the England team and will be representing the country by taking part in the tournament early next year, with the support of all the staff and students at Argyle House behind him.

Alexander Colling
Alexander Colling

Alex said: ‘I’m very excited and proud to be joining the team in February – it is a major milestone for me and something I’ve been working towards for many years. I’ve dedicated a lot of time to skiing, and with the encouragement at the school, being able to see this pay off is so extremely rewarding.

‘I’ve had nothing but support from my peers and teachers, always cheering me on and congratulating me for my achievements. It’s the best support I could ask for.

‘To be chosen as one of just twenty is an amazing feeling and very surreal, but it shows that good things will come from hard work, and I’m going to put in my very best effort for both my country and my school.’

The event is organised by the ISF (International Federation for School Sport) of which the National Council for School Sport (and ESSKIA) are members. All the ISF championships are a celebration of sporting excellence and also have time devoted to educational and cultural enrichment for all taking part.

Chris Johnson, Headteacher at Argyle House School, added: ‘We’re extremely proud of Alexander and he has our full support to be taking part in the competition. We couldn’t ask for a more talented student to represent both the school and the country.

‘We like to emphasise the importance of extracurricular activities and whilst excellent academics are at the forefront of our mission, giving the students a chance to excel in a wider variety of subjects, including sport and art, is fundamental to us.

‘Our children have a unique opportunity as we offer regular ski trips each year, allowing our students to practise and hone their skills, and see clear progression in their ability.

‘The World Schools’ Competition is a massive, annual event and it is a huge accolade for Alexander to have secured a spot on the team, getting the recognition he deserves for all the effort he puts into his skiing, well done Alex.’

Argyle House School also boasts other brilliant skiers, currently with three skiers in the UK Top 10 for their age group, highlighting the dedication and excellent work ethic the children have at Argyle House.

The school is part of Forfar Education, an all-excellent-rated schools’ group, with schools around the country includingCameron Vale in Chelsea, Horris Hill in Hampshire, The Gleddings in Halifax, Brackenfield School in Harrogate, Park School in Bournemouth and Prenton Preparatory School on The Wirrall.

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