Year 8 Pupil Awarded a GCSE in Astronomy

By School House

7 years ago

Daniel West of Lanesborough School in Guildford achieved a B grade in his astronomy GCSE

Astrology Telescope

Unlike most scholars in astronomy, Daniel West of Lanesborough School began studying astronomy as a hobby when he was in Year 6. Then, in January of Year 7 he decided to take the astronomy GCSE. This involved researching two case studies as well as revision of the course content. The GCSE aims to enable students to understand astronomy theory and practice, and includes content on the earth, moon and sun, the planetary systems, the stars and the galaxies and cosmology.

He took the two-hour GCSE examination in May 2016 at Winston Churchill School in Woking, where he was the youngest candidate by four years. In August Daniel was delighted to find out he had achieved a B grade.

Congratulations Daniel on this ‘astronomical’ achievement.

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