Bede's Zoo Protects Endangered Mammal
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Bede’s Zoo Protects Endangered Mammal

Pupils at Bede’s in Sussex are protecting a few Grandidier Vontsiras. A species of mongoose which lives in a small south-western area of the Indian Ocean island.

Bede's pupil and Binturong
Pupil feeding a Grandidier Vontsira

There are only 1,000 left. Three are at Bede’s, four at Chester Zoo and two at Magdeburg Zoo in Germany.

The Grandidier Vontsiras at Bede’s are named Ricky, Tripod and Timmy.

They are well looked after, having two indoor enclosures and two outdoor enclosures.

The school was selected due to its onsite zookeeper and because they provide animal management training to both pupils and staff.

Deputy Head, John Tuson said: ‘It’s a zoo which is not only a teaching resource, but also allows pupils to participate in national and international programmes which benefit wildlife.’

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