Blackheath High School ‘excellent’ by ISI

By School House

2 years ago

Blackheath High School is proud to have been awarded excellent across all categories in its latest Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) report.

An Art installation at Blackheath High

ISI found the quality of the pupils’ academic achievements and personal development to be excellent, the highest rating obtainable, following an inspection in March. 

The report recognised the quality of the pupil’s academic achievements, exceeding in standardised assessments at every level and praised students for their excellent attitude towards learning, including their wide range of creative skills which ‘significantly enhance their learning’.

The ISI report went on to describe Blackheath High students as ‘highly articulate, effective listeners and communications’ while working ‘very efficiently as both independent and collaborative learners.’

It also noted that over a third of pupils were awarded A* or A grades at A level and nearly two-thirds received the highest grades at GCSE. 

Blackheath High, an independent girls’ school based in Greenwich, has developed a reputation for prioritising student wellbeing and personal development alongside strong academic achievement.

The report said: ‘Pupils show exceptional levels of self-esteem and have a mature approach to life in school in a positive environment where they feel confident in themselves and able to make the most of their opportunities’

blackheath ISI
Carol Chandler-Thompson and some of the girls

Ms Carol Chandler-Thompson, Head of Blackheath High School said: ‘We could not be happier with the result of the ISI report, which confirms what we are lucky enough to witness every day, that our girls are well rounded, confident and articulate individuals who understand how to make the most of the opportunities around them.

‘For a long time, the school has had an impressive academic reputation but in the last few years what has really dazzled me about our students is their extraordinary resilience.

‘We put enormous focus on inspiring growth and independence in our students through co-curricular activities inspiring the development of personal interests. I’m delighted to see this reflected in the report.’

The inspection reached its conclusion from observing lessons, conducting student interviews and the examination of samples of students’ work. 

It found that Blackheath High students collaborate in a highly supportive way, accepting a significant level of responsibility for maintaining an atmosphere of mutual respect. These are some of the many skills the school instils in their students as they prepare them for their futures at university and the workplace.

The education watchdog praised the school – which is comprised of a Junior School, Senior School and Sixth Form for girls aged three to eighteen – for ‘inspiring its pupils to strive for personal excellence in all their intellectual, physical, creative and moral endeavours.’

Blackheath High operates under the Girl’s Day School Trust (GDST).

Cheryl Giovannoni, Chief Executive of GDST, said: ‘These recent results are fantastic to see. Blackheath High students have once again proven themselves to be going above and beyond in terms of academic achievement while becoming strong, caring, creative and resilient individuals.

‘I want to say a huge congratulations to all the students and teachers at Blackheath High School for this amazing result, which is a testament to hard work across the board.’

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