Bristol School Opens Doors For TV Series

By School House

2 years ago

Badminton School in Bristol opened its doors to a film crew working for children’s television channel, CBBC, in March this year for their new 20 part series ‘Our Boarding School.’

Over a number of weeks, the television crew filmed behind the scenes at the all girls school in Westbury-on-Trym to tell the story of life in a boarding school. The twenty-episode series reveals the fun, friendships and challenges the boarding pupils face while living away from home. 

Badminton School
Badminton School opened its doors for CBBC TV series

Mr Dalley, Acting Head at Badminton School, said: ‘It was a hugely exciting spring this year as the staff and pupils welcomed the production crew and their cameras onto site. Boarding schools are places that people don’t always know a great deal about, often with endlessly intriguing stories attached to them, so it was a joy to take part in this series that will give viewers a real glimpse into boarding life.’

Joyt, a Boarder in Year 8 at Badminton, said this about being part of the series: ‘It was cool being behind the scenes, watching people film. I found it really enjoyable. You were even able to film bloopers sometimes! They made it [the piece to camera interviews] really fun because you were even allowed to sit behind the camera sometimes and ask the questions!’ 

Episode 1 of ‘Our Boarding School’ aired on CBBC on Monday 26th September at 10.30am. The series is also available to watch on iPlayer where five episodes drop every Monday. 

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