Give your spring and summer a cultural kick with courses. By Ruby Featherstone

Culture Kit: Kayaking near Winterlake Lodge
Kayaking near Winterlake Lodge, Alaska @ Black Tomato

Art History Abroad

Is your child particularly interested in art history and the beautiful architecture and culture of locations like Venice? Art History Abroad is the place to go for summer holiday courses, semester courses and in-depth gap year courses. With a range of different options, these experiences are like an ultimate school trip with more freedom, touring countless European cities with opportunities to relax and enjoy the sunshine in among the intense cultural education.

Black Tomato

Designed for ages 12 and over, Black Tomato travel company has created its Field Trip initiative, aimed at taking education outside of the classroom through traveling and experiencing the world. The hope is to create an environment where young people are keen to learn for the sake of learning, not because there is an exam to sit at the end of the year. The subjects range from Sustainability, Social Studies, Earth Sciences to History and the Arts in places across the world.

RHS Gardening Courses

Culture Kit: RHS Wisley in the Autumn
RHS Wisley in the Autumn @ RHS, Trevor Ray Hart

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) offers fantastic training courses such as ‘Gardening Basics’, growing food in your ‘Edible Garden’ and instruction on seasonal plants in the ‘A Year in Your Gardening Club’. These courses can teach young people to appreciate how their food is grown and reconnect with the process which takes a plant from seed to their plate. 

The RHS has great courses for adults too, with a wide range of broad and specific options from wisteria pruning to having success with house plants to understanding what soil you have in your garden.

For a holiday or weekend treat, head to any of the number of RHS gardens which are perfect for getting out and growing an appreciation for the natural world.

Goodwood Driving Courses

Goodwood Racecourse, the home of horseracing and fantastic classic car revivals, are ready to fulfil a great deal of childhood fantasies, both as a young driver and a license holder. The Young Driver Learning Experiences give teens below the age of 17 the chance to get their hands on the steering wheel of an iconic MINI cooper in a safe space. Meanwhile, licensed drivers can try their hand at the Spin and Slide or on the Performance Track following the tyre tracks of racing heroes such as Jim Clark and Sir Jackie Stewart.

culture kit: Kensington Park School
Kensington Park School

Easter Revision Courses at Kensington Park 

Easter Revision courses at Kensington Park School are designed to motivate students and provide them with a structured learning environment to boost their knowledge and confidence ahead of their GCSE/IGCSE and A-level examinations. Delivered in small class sizes (maximum six students per group), the exam board-specific revision sessions cover exam technique and past paper practice, as well as core topics, providing a high degree of individual attention and support. Courses run in the first three weeks of April, prices from £740.


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