Do Revision Apps Work?

By School House

7 years ago

And if they do, which ones should your child be using in the lead up to exams?

Q. Do revision apps work – and which ones should I buy for my daughter who is studying for her GCSEs? Sally, Chelmsford 

revision apps

Motivating and stimulating any youngster through exams is both a chore and an art. I certainly welcome the new generation of apps and digital aids. The team at Badger Learning, a publisher of more traditional printed revision guides, recommend organisational free apps like Exam Countdown and SQA My Study Plan. But there are also more sophisticated resources apps include Exam Buddy, Timeline Maker and iAnnotate PDF and cost from £1.99 to £6.99.

Apps, however, aren’t always the answer as they don’t work in all subjects. ‘Apps work best with right and wrong answers,’ says Alex Dyer of Tutor House tutorial agency, ‘like sciences, maths and economics, but they are not fantastic for english, history, psychology and languages’.

Also worth trying are Test & Learn Lite – GCSE science and the award-winning Zammer for computer science GCSE, which are both free. Developers of the free Revision App, are now expanding to produce a set of online video tutorials. All students will probably benefit from the Oxford A–Z of Grammar and Punctuation App, which will set you back £12.99 but is a worthwhile investment.


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