DT & Physics Engineering Challenge Day at King’s Bruton

By School House

2 years ago

Monday 14th November saw over 50 King’s Bruton pupils in 5th and 6th Form Physics and D&T taking part in their annual Engineering Challenge Day.

King Bruton’s DT and Physics Engineering Day

Groups were tasked with designing and building a model aircraft to travel along a guide wire, releasing a relief package to land within a target area. Points were available for design, speed and accuracy of the landing of the relief package. This certainly was a challenging task, which saw pupils soldering, sawing and building, whilst also having to carefully consider the centre of gravity of their aircraft, how it would travel along the guide wire and how to create a release mechanism for their relief package.

All pupils are to be commended for their approach to these challenges, but by the end of the day the winning teams were as follows:

5th Form Competition – Team 1 (Ruby, Sophie, Toby, Adam and Thomas)

6th Form Competition – Team 1 (Alex, Ben, Caspar, Tia and Niko)

The overall winners with an outstanding model which was awarded full marks in all categories were 6th Form Team 1.

See King Bruton’s online listing here.