Today, Thursday 17th August, pupils return to school to collect their A-level results and find out if they will get into the university of their choice. We share the 2023 results for Independent schools around the UK.

Ben Moon jumps for joy at results from Brighton College

Ben Moon jumps for joy at results from Brighton College

Brighton College

In total, there were 69 pupils with 3 A* grades, 25 with 4 A*s, and five with 5 A*s. A* is the most common A-level grade at Brighton College.

King’s High School, Warwick are

Every student who took Computer Science and Music achieved A* or A grades. All students of Geography, Drama, English Language, Further Maths, German and PE achieved A*-B grades.

Truro School, Truro

43% of students achieved A*/A grades, and over 14% at A*. 89% of students achieved grades A*-A in their EPQs.

The Queen’s School, Chester

80% of grades were achieved at A*- B with 100% of students achieving A*- A in Art, Computing and Further Maths, and 100% of students achieving A*- B in English Literature, Classical Civilisation, Design Technology and Geography.

Taunton School, Taunton

over a third of A-levels were graded A*-A.

61% of all results across more than 30 different subjects received grades A*-B or equivalent, with 100% of students studying Music and Theatre Studies receiving an A*or A.

Farnborough Hill pupil celebrating A-level results with her parents

Farnborough Hill pupil celebrating A-level results with her parents

Farnborough Hill, Hampshire

90% of A-level results achieved were A*-C. Almost half of all grades awarded were A* or A, with 26.1% of grades at A* level. Several subjects achieved straight A*/A grades, including History and Politics, but it was the STEM subjects which particularly excelled this year, with Mathematics achieving 7A* and 1A and Computing 2A* and 2A.

St James Girls’ School, Malvern

16% of the cohort achieved A*s and As. 31% of pupils achieving A*-A; 62% achieving A*-B and 81% achieving A*-C.

Bede’s Senior School, East Sussex

Notable performances included Art where 100% of pupils gained A*-B grades and Economics and Maths where 92% and 86% of pupils gained A*-B grades respectively.

King’s College, Taunton

32 pupils gained three or more A or A* grades. Over a quarter of Maths and Further Maths candidates achieved A* grades, and 100% of the students who studied the extended project qualification were awarded an A* or A. Overall, 73% of King’s pupils were awarded an A*-B grade.

Wakefield Girls’ High School

75% of students at Wakefield Girls’ High School achieved A* – B at A Level. One third of the cohort celebrates results with at least 3 A*-A grades and more than half of all grades at A*/A.

St Mary’s School, Cambridge

A-level students achieved a 100% pass rate across all subjects. 45% of students awarded grades A*- A. 69% secured grades at A* – B. 88% achieved grades at A* – C 

Queen Anne’s School, Reading

88% of A-level students achieved A*-C grades and 49% of students achieved A*-A grades.

Ipswich High School, Suffolk

Over 48% of the Sixth Form students achieved A*-A grades, with 87% achieving A*-C grades.

Ipswich High School pupils opening their A-level results

Ipswich High School pupils opening their A-level results 2023

Wetherby Senior, London

38% of grades awarded at Wetherby Senior were top A* or A grades. Nearly three-quarters of Wetherby Senior’s outgoing Year 13 achieve A* to B grades.

Leweston School, Sherborne

50% of students achieved at least two A* or A grades. Those taking the popular Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) achieved 100% A* and A grades.

St Swithun’s School, Winchester

86% of A-levels were graded A* to B.

Pocklington School, Yorkshire

65% of all results were the A* to B grades (or BTEC equivalent) sought by Russell group universities and 60% of students gained at least one A grade or above with 36% of students gaining at least two A* or A grades. Fourteen different subjects had 100% A* to C grades.

James Allen’s Girls’ School, London

46% of A-level results were graded A*. 96% of results were graded A*/B. One in four pupils earned 3 A* grades or higher. One in five pupils received straight A* grades.

Harrogate Ladies' College students celebrating their results

Harrogate Ladies’ College students celebrating their results

Harrogate Ladies’ College

 41% of students achieved A*-A grades. 

Over 50% of the A* grades were achieved in Science, Maths, Engineering and Technology (STEM) subjects.

75% of all French grades were A*; Humanities where 85% of all Geography grades were grades were A*-B and Creative Arts where 90% of all grades were A*-B. 100% of Further Maths students achieved A*-B grades.

Cranleigh School, Surrey

17% of students achieved the top A* grade, 46% of grades were A*-A, 80% of grades were A*-B and an overall pass rate of 100%.

The Leys School, Cambridge

62% of students achieved at least AAB at A-level.

St Augustine’s Priory, Ealing

38% of grades awarded were A* and A’s.

Reigate Grammar School, Surrey

75% of grades awarded at grade A* or A , and  95% of grades within the A* to B range.

Reigate Grammar School pupils celebrating their A-level results

Reigate Grammar School pupils celebrating their A-level results

Abbey College, Manchester

24% of students secured grades A*-A, 57% achieved A*-B and 81% attained A*-C.

King Edward VI High School for Girls, Birmingham

43% of grades were A* (2019: 36%), which is the school’s highest ever proportion of A* grades, excluding the last three years when COVID-related special measures were in place for A Level grading.

78% of grades were A*/A.

95% of grades were A* – B.

King Edward VI High School for Girls

King Edward VI High School for Girls

St Peter’s School, York

79% of results were awarded at A* to B, and 93% pupils achieved grades from A* to C.

42% of all grades were at A* to A, with 6 pupils achieving three or more A* grades and 25 pupils achieving three or more A Levels at A*/A.

Kingswood School, Bath

53% of all grades at A* or A, 83% at A* – B. The school achieved a 100% pass rate.

St Edmund’s College, Herts

85% of students received A* – C grades.

58% achieved A* – B grades.

28% of students were awarded grades at A* – A.

Downe House School, Berkshire

42% of Downe House students achieved 3 or more A*-A grades.

Overall, 26% of students’ grades were A*, 63% are A*-A and 84% A*-B.

Felsted School, North Essex

63.5% of all grades were A* to B.

Computer Science, German, Music, Spanish and Latin all achieved 100% A*-B grades while Classics and History both had more than 85% A*-B grades.

Surbiton High School, Kingston-Upon-Thames

25% of grades were A*, 64% of all grades A* to A and over 90% of grades A* to B.

Surbiton High School pupils on A-level results day

Surbiton High School pupils on A-level results day

West Buckland School, Devon

50% of examinations graded at A* or A.

Repton School, Derbyshire

40% of students were awarded an A* or A grade, and 70% A* to B.

Bedales School, Hampshire

84% of Bedales students secured places at their first-choice university.

Stonyhurst College, Lancashire

Almost half of the grades achieved were A*-A.

Stover School, Newton Abbot

Stover School had a 100% pass rate, with a third of the grades achieved being A*or A. Over 80% of all entries achieved grades A* to C.

King’s Ely, Cambridgeshire

A fifth of A-level results achieved at King’s Ely are the top A* grade, almost half are A*-A, and three-quarters are grades A*-B. The overall pass rate was 99 %.

Canford School, Dorset

31% of all papers graded A*, 66% A*-A, 88% A*-B and 98% A*-C.

Bryanston School, Dorset

Six out of ten grades awarded the top marks of A*, A or B and 80% securing their first choice of university place.

Cheltenham Ladies’ College, Gloucestershire

71% of results achieved by CLC A Level pupils are A* and A grades.

Latymer Upper School, London

93% of all grades were A*- B.

89% of students secure places at 1st choice university including 19 places at Oxbridge.

75% of all grades were A*/A.

Mayfield School, Sussex

Mayfield School has a 100% pass rate and over half the grades awarded were A* or  A.  

Loughborough Grammar School, Leicestershire

The pass rates for Loughborough Grammar were:

A* – 18%
A*/A  – 47%
A*-B  – 74%
A*-C – 89%