Christ’s Hospital Band Performs at Tower of London

By Anoop Bhuller

11 months ago

Christ’s Hospital Band performed a Beating Retreat at the Tower of London on the 24th June.

Christ's Hospital Band performing at the Tower of London

Christ’s Hospital Band performing at the Tower of London

The Tower Governor, Andrew Jackson invited 100 young musicians to perform to an audience of over 300.

The dual theme was the Coronation and the 350th year of the foundation of the Royal Mathematical School at Christ’s Hospital. This was established in 1673 by King Charles II and has shaped some of the biggest intellects including Sir Isaac Newton and Sir Christopher Wren.

Pupils performed drum splits and went on to form the cypher ‘CRIII’ to honour the King’s coronation.

Christ's Hospital Band in a Venn diagram formation

Christ’s Hospital Band in a Venn diagram formation

Every year the Christ’s Hospital Band partake in their Beating Retreat, which usually takes place in the school’s Quad.

Andrew Jackson said: ‘As a proud Old Blue (former CH pupil), I also discovered 40 years too late that pupils at the school have long had the privilege of visiting free of charge if they are wearing their uniform. The origins of this custom are uncertain but may date to 1673 when the Royal Mathematical School was founded.’

Head Teacher of Christ’s Hospital School, Simon Reid, added: ‘The 350th anniversary of the RMS provides an opportunity to mark not only its long history but the continued role it plays in the lives of CH pupils as we prepare them for their place in today’s world.’