Highfield and Brookham Schools Receive A Grant For Their Planting Project
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Highfield and Brookham Schools Receive A Grant For Their Planting Project

As an advocate for a greener way of life, Highfield and Brookham Schools have secured a grant to support one of its environmental projects.

Highfield and Brookham field

Highfield and Brookham receive a grant for their planting scheme

This will help the school to work towards their aim of being completely carbon neutral by 2030.

The £4,250 grant from South Downs National Park Trust will be used to extend the school’s wildflower-planting project.

This will involve the hiring of a specialist renovator for two weeks and around 15 kilos of wildflower seed mix to cover the 6,500 square meters of land.

The school has shown their commitment to the environment in other ways as well, by setting up regular green activities for the pupils, building hibernaculums for wildlife and growing their own vegetables.

Recently, the school received a silver certificate from Green Tourism after a successful pilot scheme.

Head of Highfield, Suzannah Cryer, said: ‘This wonderful grant from the South Downs National Park Trust is another step in the right direction and soon legions of butterflies and bees will be able to take advantage of a special little wildlife haven set aside just for them.’

Sporting Success

Seven students from Highfield and Brookham Schools have received a total of five medals between them after competing in the National Prep Schools Athletics Championships. The competition took place at the Alexander Stadium in Birmingham.

Highfield and Brookham pupils proudly wearing their medals

Highfield and Brookham pupils proudly wearing their medals

Pupils won one gold medal, one silver medal and three bronze medals.

Emily Sherlock won the gold medal in the U14 girls’ triple jump, jumping 10.30 metres. She also won the silver medal in the U14 girls’ 100m, completing the race in 12.45 seconds.

Valentina Rollason won a bronze medal in the U13 girls’ high jump, reaching 1.35m. 

Tiggy Walder won bronze in the U12 girls’ 1500m race with a finishing time of 5.26.04.

Millie Valentine won the final broze medal in the U12 girls’ shot putt event with a throw of 6.94m.

Head of Highfield and Brookham, Suzannah Cryer, said: ‘It really is a testament to both the ability and desire of our children and the excellent coaching and support that they receive from our dedicated teaching staff.’

Highfield and Brookham’s Peer Listener Scheme Marks Ten Years

Ten years ago, Highfield and Brookham introduced the Peer Listeners Scheme. This aims to encourage pupils to be kind and compassionate.

Highfield and Brookham Peer Listeners

Highfield and Brookham Peer Listeners

The listeners are pupils from Year 8 who have been trained to support others. At the end of Year 7 pupils are able to apply and later ten are selected following an interview with Head of PSHE and Wellbeing, Zoe Thesiger-Pratt and English Teacher, Lucy Hendry.

Mrs Thesiger-Pratt said: ‘It gives the peer listeners an element of responsibility and they all love helping the younger children. We talk to them about developing their listening skills and how to be an active listener – just be a listening ear when others need it.’

She added:’We take our pastoral responsibilities incredibly seriously and the fact that we have no shortage of Year 7 children coming forward each year to take on these important roles speaks volumes of the kindness and character of the young people that we have within our school community.’

Highfield and Brookham Pupils Celebrate Their Scholarships To Top Senior Schools

Fourteen pupils at Highfield and Brookham Schools have received scholarships to top senior schools.

Highfield and Brookham Schools children have earned another 14 senior school scholarships this year

Highfield and Brookham Schools children have earned another 14 senior school scholarships this year

These pupils have been offered places at schools such as Marlborough College, Charterhouse, Cranleigh and Sherborne.

Pupils were awarded their scholarships for art; academics; drama; design and technology and sport.

Each year, pupils are selected for the Scholarship Programme at Highfield and Brookham Schools, where the heads of departments can offer expert support to help the children excel in their particular subject.

Head of Highfield, Suzannah Cryer, said: ‘All those sitting scholarships embark upon a journey which, at times, is challenging, stressful or full of joy – and occasionally all at the same time. These children are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible for their age.’

Who was awarded a scholarship this year?

Tallulah Bateman: Academic Scholarship (Marlborough College)

Emilia Dumas: Art Scholarship (Charterhouse) & Drama Scholarship (Charterhouse)

George Elmore: Sports Scholarship (Charterhouse)

Ptolemy Graves: Sports Scholarship (Sherborne School)

Breanna Kayondo: Drama Scholarship (Lancing College)

Suzanna Kovalev: Design Technology Scholarship (Charterhouse)

Ryder Larby: Sports Scholarship (Seaford College)

Monty Leach: Sports Scholarship (Seaford College)

Xanthe Mendes: Art Scholarship (Seaford College)

Sky-Rose Prahl: Drama Scholarship (Bryanston)

Isabel Salusbury: All-Rounder Scholarship (Cranleigh) & Drama Scholarship (Cranleigh)

Emily Sherlock: Sports Scholarship (Marlborough College)

Highfield and Brookham Schools Protect its Woodland

Highfield and Brookham Schools have been working to protect its 175-acre woodland. 

Highfield and Brookham's 175-acre woodland site
Work has been undertaken on Highfield and Brookham’s 175-acre site in Liphook

The school uses the woodland space for its Forest School, where children learn skills such as bushcraft techniques, den building and cooking on a camp-fire.

This maintenance will help keep the canopy and trees healthy by allowing more air and light to circulate. This will benefit animals and flora in the woodland.

Native trees were planted, including Maples, chestnut, beech and birch trees. 

Following government approval, spruce trees were removed. This was part of the programme to tackle the spread of the disease rhizophaera.

Highfield and Brookham Extend Winning Run

The long unbeaten swimming team at Highfield and Brookham has once again extended their winning run.

Highfield and Brookham team extend their winning run
Highfield and Brookham team extend their winning run

They came out victorious this week after competing against Westbourne House. The team has been unbeaten since the 2018-19 academic year.

Now their attention turns to the qualifying rounds of the IAPS competition at Clayesmore School, Dorset, in March.

Qualification at Blandford Forum would mean a summer finals date at the London Aquatic Centre, a venue made famous by the 2012 Olympic Games.

Highfield Head Suzannah Cryer said: ‘Having witnessed some fabulous swimming from some very talented young people and having soaked up the amazing atmosphere of a fiercely-fought gala, my hat truly goes off to what our courageous children continue to achieve.’