John Birchall Speaks At Eltham College

By Anoop Bhuller

8 months ago

Economist, academic and EU advisor, John Birchall visited Eltham College to be a guest speaker on their series of Peake Lectures.

John Birchall at Eltham College

John Birchall at Eltham College

More than 180 students, staff, parents and local residents attended to listen to John Birchall discuss the economic opportunities and challenges we face today.

During his talk, he touched on Brexit, the rapid development of AI and new trade dynamics. This was followed by an open discussion with the audience.

What is the Peake Lecture Series?

The Peake Lecture series was set up in 2022 to celebrate the 180 year anniversary of Eltham College. It has been named after a former pupil at the school called Mervyn Peake who was a 20th century poet, author and artist. 

Other speakers have talked on topics such as science, medicine, the arts, music, international relations and exploration.

The series aims to educate and motivate the students by hearing valuable insights from professionals in the industry.