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Pushing The Boundaries Of Science

Pushing the boundaries of Science: Haileybury opens new state-of-the-art Science and Technology buildings

Martin Collier, Master of Haileybury, discusses the importance of championing Science and Technology subjects as the School officially opens its new state-of-the-art Science and Technology buildings.

Haileybury Sci-Tech building exterior

Haileybury’s new Sci-Tech building

As educators, our ambition is to prepare pupils for their future and ensure they have the skills and knowledge to thrive in their careers and lives. As we look ahead, we need a workforce with a greater understanding of, and specialist skills in science, technology and associated fields. We are therefore delighted to announce the opening of our brand-new state-of-the-art SciTech buildings which has doubled the size of our previous provision. 

The purpose of the innovative buildings is to improve the already extremely strong science offer at the School, promote better collaboration between science and technology subjects, provide the latest technology to further challenge pupils and enhance their skills, and ultimately revolutionise how science and affiliated subjects are taught. The facilities provide exceptional teaching facilities for our staff and inspiring learning environments for our pupils, from Year 7 through to those in Sixth Form studying A-levels and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Our sponsored academy, Haileybury Turnford, and the wider community will also benefit from these incredible facilities.

The SciTech buildings offer new science laboratories, the latest IT suites, robotics amenities and design and technology (DT) facilities as well as a dedicated Research Centre, twenty teaching and seminar spaces, a geodome, a VR Room, a podcasting media room and a special outdoor courtyard. But the real benefit of these buildings goes beyond the physical classrooms – the collaborative space enables our pupils to not simply learn science, or read about engineering but become scientists, engineer new creations and use their cross-disciplinary knowledge to become true innovators. 

Haileybury students in a Science lesson

Haileybury students in a Science lesson

For example, SciTech’s Research Centre is now home to several pioneering research projects including the prestigious Stan-X project led by professors from Stanford University. This is a ground-breaking study of genetics using fruit flies which may contribute to the efforts to find cures for human diseases such as diabetes and pancreatic cancer. 

Haileybury is the first school in Europe to participate in Stan-X and 12 pupils each year work on university-standard research, alongside scientists at Stanford University and the University of Oxford. Research findings, co-authored by pupils and instructors, have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and presented at international meetings. The breadth and depth of the Stan-X programme are extraordinary and prepare our pupils for the best undergraduate science courses available at the world’s leading universities. 

We are also bringing learning to life through Haileybury’s new ‘CubeSat’ programme where pupils from all year groups are working together to develop and launch a miniature satellite into space. This draws on disciplines including physics and engineering and pupils are undertaking research in spacecraft systems engineering as well as space mission planning and orbital mechanics. They will also develop their public speaking skills as they communicate externally to find an industry partner to help them launch the satellite. This provides a lived experience over a number of years, enabling our pupils to embed themselves in the programme and see the impact of their hard work. We also have a host of other programmes launching including a focus on robotics and astrophysics.  

Classroom in the new Sci-Tech building

Classroom in the new Sci-Tech building

We look forward to exploring further national and international partnerships in the coming months and years to provide more exciting, unique and challenging opportunities for our pupils.

In addition to the education we offer, we also encapsulate our commitment to a greener world in the buildings themselves. We made the conscious decision that they would be powered sustainably, and their structure be environmentally friendly. The buildings now feature solar panels, green roofs, ground-source heat pumps and a cross-laminated timber frame, supporting our School’s sustainability journey towards becoming net zero by 2030. It demonstrates in practice, energy efficiency and sustainability, subjects that are taught to pupils as part of our science and technology curriculum.

Ultimately, the essence of science is discovery, and we have created a space that empowers our pupils to do just that. These new buildings present Haileybury’s academic ambition as we believe it’s important to equip our pupils with the latest and best facilities to ensure an immersive learning experience and provide them with life-long skills so they can achieve their full potential.