Sherborne Girls and Hanford Announce They Will Be Merging

By Anoop Bhuller

11 months ago

Sherborne Girls and Hanford have announced that by 1st September 2023, the two trusts will be merged.

Sherborne Girls talking with a teacher

Sherborne Girls

This partnership will see the schools working closely together, but they will both remain independent and retain their unique characters.

For years they have shared the same values of a Christian foundation and a commitment to first-class girls’ education.

Sherborne Girls outside in the field

Sherborne Girls outside in the field

This new merger will allow the schools to share resources, knowledge and their experiences, as well as creating lots of exciting opportunities for growth and development.

Both schools will stay situated at their current sites and keep their individual names. 

Chair of Governors at Sherborne Girls, Louise Hall, said: ‘Having grown up locally and gone to Sherborne Girls myself, as did my daughters, I have always been aware of the close relationship and synergies between Hanford and Sherborne Girls.’

Sherborne Girls having a Picnic

Sherborne Girls having a Picnic

Chair of Governors at Hanford, Mr Andrew Hussey, commented: ‘I fully understand and appreciate the importance of providing a first-class education for girls and having had my own daughter at Sherborne Girls, I couldn’t be happier that the two schools are going to be working so closely together long into the future.’